Info & Stats: Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher

All Topics: 2017 Season | Opening Day start | 5-0 on Opening Day for his career | 2017 team is great | Failure is not fun | Being in Chicago for their banners | Daniel Murphy | Dexter Fowler | Relationship with Sandy Koufax | Koufax’s curve and hands | Ping Pong event | Having two kids now

Apr 12th 2017

Clayton on last year’s playoff exit: “Failure is not fun.”


Apr 22nd 2016

All Topics: Last night’s win | 46 mile an hour pitch last night | Base running last night | Dave Roberts | Roberts being so positive | Dave has good balance | Sean Casey’s most memorable at bat being against him | Vin Scully | Scully might be the most popular | Dodger ever | World Baseball Classic changing their routine | His participation in the WBC | Jake Arrieta’s no hitter last night | Jake’s really good |

Clayton on Vin Scully: “Truly humble guy.”


Jan 22nd 2014

All Topics: His new contract | Happy the contract situation is over and now he can focus on baseball | Fine with the expectations that come with a big contract | Looking forward to pitching for the Dodgers for a long time | A $30 million pitcher | Celebrating his contract | Not sure if you celebrate making money | Losing in the NLCS last year | His last start | Don Mattingly’s contract | Loves playing for Donnie | Masahiro Tanaka signing with the Yankees | Tanaka and him having the same agent | A-Rod suing the union | How players feel about A-Rod right now | In some sense A-Rod is attacking his peers |

Clayton on signing a new contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers: “I look forward to pitching there for a long long time.”


Aug 30th 2013

All Topics: Trying to win his 3rd straight ERA title | Just worried about the Colorado Rockies right now | One pitch at a time | Josh Beckett saying he could possibly be the greatest pitcher ever | June | Early season struggles | Yasiel Puig | Puig’s play | Puig being pulled by Mattingly | Playing the game the right way | Puig’s antics | Appreciate the confidence Puig brings | Walk-offs |

Clayton on rookie Yasiel Puig: “We appreciate the confidence he brings.”


Oct 24, 2012:

Clayton on Marco Scutaro: “That guy is playing out of his mind.”


May 31, 2012:

Clayton on not having to answer ownership questions this year: “It’s awesome.”


Nov 17, 2011:

Clayton on winning his first National League Cy Young: “It defiantly wasn’t a sure thing.”


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