Info & Stats: Sports Illustrated Senior Writer

All Topics: His piece on the Japanese Babe Ruth Shohei Otani | Otani being a pitcher and hitter | Otani wanting to play both positions in Majors | Otani is a better pitcher than Yu Darvish is right now | Shohei touched 102 mph | Shohei is a likeable kid | Shohei doesn’t drink | Shohei lives in the team dorm and off 1,000 dollars a month by choice | Shohei holds all the cards in what he wants to do | Shohei probably lost over $100 million by not coming to the Major’s before the most recent CBA changes last December | Shohei can hit | Shohei is a good hitter, great pitcher | Shohei’s teammate Brandon Laird played on the Yankees with A-Rod and Derek Jeter and says Otani is better

Apr 12th 2017

Jon shares the story of Shohei Otani.


Mar 4th 2016

All Topics: SI cover story on Conor McGregor | The Conor McGregor he spoke with | McGregor was very slow and thoughtful when he spoke with him | Conor the showmen | Conor’s Irish flag | Pressure | Conor backing up his crazy talk | Conor’s drive | Conor as a plumber | Conor – Ronda Rousey comparison | Not sure Ronda can bounce back from Holly Holm loss | Andre Agassi | Agassi’s life now | Tee shirt gun at games | Rivalries |

Jon on Conor McGregor: “Great mix of style and substance.”



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