Mark Cuban wanted Tony Romo to play last night: in fact, he went as far as to tell NBA commissioner Adam Silver, I’m going to do it. “Fine me if you don’t like it.”

Well, Silver didn’t like it, and said the contract Cuban wanted to give Romo would not be honored, so it didn’t happen.

They still honored him and made him a Maverick for a day. And whereas Rick Carlisle didn’t sound like he really was up for the team going to all the trouble of signing him to an actual contract, and letting him run in an actual game, he was all in acknowledging him, and giving his due, quote: “he stool for all of the things great Dallas athletes stand for. A great competitor a winner, plays hurt, the whole thing. And he’s been a great supporter of the Mavericks and a good friend to myself, Dirk, Mark and so many. So we wanted to see if he would be willing to do this and we’re happy that he was enthusiastically accepting.”

Absolutely. That’s all true. And I have no problem with that. What’s whack, are people freaking out screaming, why does this guy deserve this? What has he ever won? He’s not a Hall of Famer. Why the hell are they honoring him?!: for all the reasons Carlisle mentioned.

Ring or no ring, yellow jacket or no yellow jacket, he’s one of the most popular athletes in that city’s history. The fans love him.

The Mavericks’ owner, coach and some players have a tight relationship with him.  Romo himself is frequently seen at the games and loves the team. So if they want to honor the guy, who the hell the cares?! Their team. Their call.

And not only do I not have a problem with them rolling out the red carpet for him, I wouldn’t have had a problem with him actually playing last night. One non-playoff team playing another non-playoff team in the final home game of the year really isn’t going to hurt anyone. For all intents and purposes, it was an exhibition game.

And save this nonsense about how he’s taking away a spot from a more deserving player.  From who? Some D-leaguer you’ve never heard of and don’t care about? And no, it won’t set a precedent or open a Pandora’s box. Golden State isn’t going to see Romo run up and down the floor a couple of times in an NBA game and decide to put Derek Carr out there. This wouldn’t have open the floodgates; every team in the league wouldn’t start doing it. It’s a one off, in game that really didn’t matter, that people really wouldn’t have been talking about otherwise. It’s harmless.

Biggest thing is you want to put Romo or the other players on the court in jeopardy because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. But that’s probably not the case. Not if Caron Butler is saying he thinks Romo could have played in the NBA.

So, no, I don’t buy the rap that letting him do it is disrespecting the game or making a mockery of it or turning into a joke. Are you watching the games this week of teams that aren’t in it; they’re tanking for ping pong balls and running dudes who used to play for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and the Maine Red Claws. Trust me, Romo is no more embarrassing than all that. And really to me, not embarrassing at all.


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