I know the Seattle Seahawks are shopping Richard Sherman. Just as I know that not only does Sherman not have an issue with it, but that it may have even been his idea. I know all that. I just don’t get it.

From either side’s standpoint. But I know it’s going on, because there’s more and more smoke surrounding it, and reports about what a team will have to give up to get him.  Reportedly, a package similar to what the Jets received when they sent Darrelle Revis to Tampa a few years back; a first and a mid-rounder.

The ASK makes sense. If you really are going to trade a guy like this, you better get something significant in return.

But again, I’m not really clear on why they need to move this guy. Just as I’m not really clear on why Sherman would want to leave. And while I’m not privy to the inner workings of that organization or Sherman’s relationship with the team or his coaches, I’d say both teams should take a step back and look at what they have right now.

Because there’s NO WAY that Seattle is going to be a better team WITHOUT Richard Sherman. I don’t care that this is the deepest draft class for defensive backs we’ve seen in years. Or that Sherman is coming up on age 30, and what that means for cornerbacks.

This is a team built to win right now, with Earl Thomas coming back, and Kam Chancellor in his prime, with a Seattle offense that can only get better as the offensive line improves. Do you really think the Seahawks have a better chance of beating Atlanta or Dallas or Green Bay, a better chance of winning the NFC or the Super Bowl, without one of the game’s best cornerbacks? Move him? Why?? To get younger? To find a better value. Sure.

But at what expense? The ring. I thought the ring was the thing. And not making more jack. Because obviously, the revenue will flow if you do win it all. And maybe instead of it being about getting younger and making less, maybe it’s about something else. And maybe it has nothing to do with the guy’s play. And everything to do with the guy’s mouth. And personality.

Maybe they’re just sick of him. Sick of him questioning the coaches publicly. Sick of him pushing back on Peter when he sees something he doesn’t agree with. I’d even get that, if the Seahawks and Peter didn’t go way out of their way to always tell people how different they are; how their organization and culture encourages guys to express themselves and their individuality.

So again, what’s really going on here? And should both the team and the player really be in such a hurry to break without each other. I wouldn’t be. The Hawks are still close.  They handed the Pats one of their two losses last season. And if you’re that close, the last thing you want to do is trade this guy to a contender, that kills your chances and put someone else in the driver’s seat.

And if you’re Sherman, you’re the last guy who would ever abandon the fight or bounce on your LOB fam.

Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make. Sometimes the best gig is the one you have. And for Seattle and Sherman — one of the best fits for team and player in the NFL — that’s exactly what this is. For both sides. And that’s why you don’t make this trade.


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