The Knicks put some lipstick on that pig of a season last night, winning their finale 114-113 over the Sixers. And after being shut down for the previous two games, Carmelo Anthony was back on the court, scoring 17 points in 23 minutes, even earning some love from the Garden crowd, who couldn’t help but wonder if it was the last time they saw Melo in a Knick’s uniform.

Knicks fans weren’t the only ones wondering what the offseason would bring for Anthony. So was Melo, who postgame was asked about what the future may bring, and acknowledged that the decision will ultimately be in his hands: “At this point it’s all on me,” he said. “I have a lot of thinking and reflecting to do. It’s all on me at this point. I’m pretty sure the organization has an idea, a thought of what they want to do, how they want to do it. But at this point it’s all on me.”

The decision’s all on you Melo. But the BLAME, that’s all on Phillip.

Because he’s the guy who gave you that no-trade clause. He’s the one who built this train wreck — He’s the guy who shoved the Triangle down the wrong roster’s throat. Who brought in D-Rose and his spaghetti knees and, the carcass of Joakim Noah — a guy who was broken down even before Phillip threw that crazy jack at him — 72 million for four years — only to watch him, already gassed out, implode on arrival…, a knee surgery ending his season after 46 games and reports that he might need rotator cuff surgery this offseason, too. Oh and don’t forget the 20 game suspension the leagued dinged him with for violating the league’s drug policy. That was actually the high point of Noah’s season.

I’m not saying Melo is without blame here. And don’t come at me and talk about his gold medals or the national championship he won at Syracuse a lifetime ago. Let’s talk about what this guy has done in the NBA. What he’s really about. Not the ring, I can tell you that. Or making everyone around him better. Or leading from the front.

Melo is about Melo. And first and foremost, being the man. Getting his touches. And doing it on the biggest stage, in New York. And then winning a ring. In that order.

Unbelievable offensive talent. And a Hall of Famer. But not about the ring. There’s about a half a dozen things more important to him than that. And as good as he is, he could have been, should have been, that much better.

Then again, you know exactly what you’re getting when you bring this guy in. So this is as much on Phil as it Melo.

So if Melo really wants to win, more than he wants to live in New York and ball at Madison Square Garden, he’ll waive that no trade clause, because he’s obviously not going to win jack there. You said it yourself, you hold all the cards. So what’s it going to be; do you want win or do you want to be the man. Are you willing to go to a team that actually matters, and actually share the ball and play some defense, or is it more important to you to live and play in New York City and jack it up as many times a night as you can.

You’re not getting any younger, and you’re not getting any better, but you do still have a value. And there’s a much better situation out there than the one you’re in. Unless this really is who you are and want to be. I’m not one of those guys who cracked on Kevin Durant for joining forces with Golden State to chase a ring. And I won’t be either if Melo does it with someone else. In fact, I’ll respect less if he doesn’t.

Give me one good reason why the guy should stay with the Knicks. Just one. Because I’m not coming up with any.


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