Most know the deal, but just to reset it. The Lakers need to end up with a top three lottery pick in order to keep it. They finished with the third worst record in the league meaning they have a 47% chance of keeping that pick. A pretty scary proposition.

Now, had they finished with the second worst record overall, something they could have done had they just laid down, instead of actually trying, they would have had a 56% chance of keeping the pick.

Look, playing well and ending the season on a positive note is good. Just not nearly as good as keeping a top three pick overall. That’s way more important to this franchise than ending this season with some momentum.

I admit it’s all jacked up. And counter-intuitive to the players who are taught from day one that tanking is the worst thing you could do as an athlete. But the system is set up to reward teams that tank. And the Lakers would be better off if they had just laid down and died.

And I hope it doesn’t come back to bite them.


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