My pick to win the Cup took Toronto’s best punch to the face, spit out a few chicklets, dusted themselves off and ripped a Game One victory from the Maple Leafs.

Down 2-0 less than 10 minutes into their playoff run, CAPS fan was like, Uh-oh!!

And Nooooooo! They always do this! Nothing has changed. Not again!!! Right. Not again. One of the biggest reasons I picked these guys is that they are different now.

The old CAPS would have gone right into the tank, and lost the home ice they worked so hard to get, ten minutes into Game 1 of the playoffs. Not this crew. Justin Williams, who does show up in the postseason single handedly tied the game with a couple of goals.  Then winger Tom Wilson, from a tough angle, picked a helluva time to score his first ever postseason goal:


Sure, it’s just one game. But if the Caps had come out, turtled and gone into the tank.  Again. It would have been a helluva lot more than just one game. This crew said it would be different, and based on what I saw last night, it is. Because when adversity hit, or as Emmitt Smith likes to say, A Varsity; when A Varsity hit, they didn’t pucker. They just kept grinding, showed the grit they’ve lacked in the past, and ripped a win Leaf fan had already banked.

That’s why these guys are my pick. Not because they won game one, but HOW they won it. They ate Toronto’s best shot and just kept coming. And when you land your best shot and it doesn’t put the other guy to sleep, that’s demoralizing.

And nothing I saw last night from the Caps concerns me at all with regards to my pick. If anything, what I saw last night made me feel even better about it. C-A-P-S, CAPS, CAPS, CAPS.


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