Calgary –You’re gonna need to do better than that. Because when you don’t have a W in Anaheim — the happiest place on the earth — in 28 tries, when you haven’t gotten a win in regulation since January 04 — when Outkast was shaking it like a polaroid picture at the top of the charts — you can’t think you’re getting out of the Honda Center with a win… not playing like that, you can’t.

Truth is, we got exactly what we expected. A win for the Ducks. Because Calgary can’t win here. And a Duck running Flame Mark Giordano. You knew that was coming after Giordano kneecapped Cam Fowler a week and a half ago. And it was Ryan Getzlaf who got retribution for what the Ducks insisted was a cheap shot:


Did I or did I not say yesterday, HEAD ON A SWIVEL, GIORDANO! And he didn’t. In fact, he had his head down so Getzlaf blew him up… and then to compound matters, Dougie Hamilton immediately retaliated on what was a clean hit, and then he had to go off for two minutes.

This streak’s inside Calgary’s head. How could it not be. It’s not like the Flames didn’t have their chances. And failing to cash them in, get that hideous monkey off their back and rip one where they haven’t won in more than a decade is going to come back to bite them. I know. It’s just one game. And it’s just Anaheim holding serve. And sure, everything goes back to zero and you start from scratch in the postseason. That is, unless you’re looking at more than a decade of futility in the same building. And the crowds start mocking you with the “You Can’t Win Here!” chant. Because the fact is they can’t win there.

And Flames fan, I don’t want to hear, haven’t is the same as can’t. You can’t. And until you do, don’t waste my time with it. They own the Flames in that building and have for the last decade and a half.

Home ice might be totally overrated in the playoffs, but not in that building. Not when the Ducks are hosting Calgary. Because Game 1 went exactly the way I thought it would.


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