Ike Taylor

Info & Stats: Former Pittsburgh Steelers Cornerback

All Topics: Passing of Dan Rooney | Dan was like a father figure | Sleeping in Dan’s office back in the day | Training camp his rookie year | Dan not being flashy at all | Special handshake with Dan | Papa Rooney |

Apr 14th 2017

Ike’s reaction to the passing of Dan Rooney: “hurting.”


Feb 3rd 2017

All Topics: Radio Row | J | Bull riding | Bull riders are tough people | Jim Rome money | Antonio Brown | Antonio Brown was the best receiver he ever went against | Top 10 cornerback list | Richard Sherman was his best cornerback

Ike on his toughest cover ever: “Antonio Brown before Antonio Brown was Antonio Brown.”


Sept 15th 2016

All Topics: Pittsburgh vs. Washington game | Josh Norman not covering Antonio Brown much | Norman should have wanted to cover Brown | Nothing exotic about an outside corner | Expects Norman to follow Dez Bryant this week | A.J. Green lighting up Darrelle Revis | Revis getting older | Dak Prescott

Ike on Dak Prescott: ‘Leader.”


Sept 3rd 2015

All Topics: Judge Berman overturning Tom Brady’s suspension | Happy for the NFLPA | Have felt for a while Roger Goodell has had too much power | Roger Goodell’s future as Commissioner of league | Goodell is still a good business man | They should have someone other than Goodell handle disciplinary actions | Pittsburgh players wanting Tom Brady | Life after playing football | Still have structure working as an analyst | Not burning bridges | Working in the media is still a job | Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin situation | Tyrod Taylor

Ike on Judge Berman overturning Tom Brady’s deflate-gate suspension: “I was just happy for the NFLPA.”


Apr 16th 2015

All Topics: Announcing his retirement | Emotions of retirement | Feels great about his decision | Enjoyed watching the development of the younger players | Troy Polamalu retiring | He and Troy coming into the league and leaving together | Pittsburgh | What’s next? | Still working out | No more lifting heavy | Loves working out | Putting on the black and gold every week | His bond with Dan Rooney | Papa? | Broadcasting | Being a college walk-on

Ike on life after deciding to retire: “I feel like there’s a load off my shoulders.”


Jan 28th 2015

All Topics: Radio Row | Super Bowl ring | Being in the league so long | His 2014 Season | Injuries | Going 10 straight years without injury | Doesn’t know his future | His radio show | This professional athlete thing doesn’t last forever | Going out with a smile if this is done | Dick LeBeau moving on from Pittsburgh | LeBeau being a legend | Being in LeBeau’s presence | Dan Rooney Sr. | Rooney cares | LeGarrette Blount’s time in Pittsburgh | Blount leaving Pittsburgh | Blount wanting out of Pittsburgh | Being the black George Clooney | Going to a spin class lately |

Ike’s 2014 Season: “Frustrating.”


June 30th 2014

All Topics: Off-season is going good | His 2013 Season being average | Changing his workout regimen | Playing injured in 2013 | His career in Pittsburgh | No loyalty in the NFL | Taking a pay cut to stay in Pittsburgh | Still pissed about his pay cut | Not wanting to leave Pittsburgh | Him being loyal | Pride factor | His refrigerator | Being a member of nap nation |

Ike on taking a pay cut to stay in Pittsburgh: “I’m still pissed off about it.”


May 14th 2013

All Topics: Grinding, working out | Off-season | Broke his ankle in December | Rehab | 2012 Season | Missing the playoffs | Wanting to get this bitter taste out of his mouth | Wanting to play 4 or 5 more years | Being a late bloomer | Blowing off a little steam in the off-season | Doesn’t feel like he can take a day off | His motivation | Wanting to go out with a bang | Not making the Pro Bowl | Interceptions | Tom Shaw Sand Pit workout | Doing some radio work | Pittsburgh Power |

Ike to Jim on doing radio work for the Pittsburgh Power of the Arena league: “You kind of inspired me.”


Jul 26, 2012:

Ike on his ability: “I feel like I’m a shut down corner regardless of what people say.”


Dec 01, 2011:

Ike’s thoughts on Carolina’s Steve Smith: “A healthy Steve Smith, can always give you hell.”


Jul 27, 2011:

Ike on re-signing with Pittsburgh: “Hopefully I can retire a Steeler.”


Jan 21, 2011:

Ike on Mark Sanchez’s play: “He’s really coming of age the last few weeks.”


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