What’s more Clipper like than to lose the home court advantage, the first night of the playoffs, in their most important postseason ever; and to have it happen when the opponent lost their most important player less than a minute into the game. Uh-oh!! Most Clipper thing ever!

Well, actually it’s not. Blake Griffin breaking his hand on a co-worker’s face who was half his size was the most Clipper thing ever. But this was pretty close.

After all, this was supposed to be the year. Sure we say that every year at this time. But this really is it. They’ve been here before. And this year they’re healthy. They’re right physically and mentally and were playing well to end the season. And Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and J.J. Redick are all ready to hit free agency. Now or never.

Make a run or bust it up once and for all. And everyone knew it. So what happens? They go out and get punked in their own building the very first night, by a Utah team that hasn’t been here in a while and lost Rudy Gobert no sooner than the ball went up.

So forget about the Clippers finally finding a way through Golden State, keep this up and they’re not getting past Utah, who we talked about last week.

I said it right here: the Jazz are no joke.  Don’t sleep on them. Their big three may not be household or in all the commercials and all-star games that the Clippers big three are, but they are not to be trifled with. And look what happened. You look at those two teams in Game 1 and tell me which team had the playoff experience, and which one didn’t.  Because it was the Clippers that lost their poise, and composure, and missed open looks and didn’t take care of the basketball.

And Chris Paul gets a lot of heat for being a hall of famer who can never seem to take anyone anywhere that matters. But that one wasn’t his fault. He did his job. But Griffin didn’t. Unless it’s his job to disappear, again, in the fourth quarter. And to turn it over 6 times. And the bench didn’t do its job either. I’m not saying the Clippers won’t get right and still rip this thing. I’m saying I have no explanation how a team with that talent, and that experience continues to melt down whenever they get on the big stage. And if they don’t get right this time, of course you blow it up. 100 percent. No brainer. Easiest decision ever.

Credit to the Jazz…but it looks like nothing has changed for the Clippers.


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