Golden State entered the postseason as the team to beat and nothing in game one against Portland has me thinking any different: sure, Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum went crazy in the first half. That’ll happen. They’re both ballers.

Portland is no ordinary 8 seed. They were as hot as anyone not named Golden State entering the playoffs. They have a superstar and another one in the making that can shoot lights out and make it very difficult on opponents.

Problem is, as awesome as Damian and C.J were in the first half, you’re not going to sustain that for any length of time. Especially against a team as good defensively as the Warriors are. And they are that. With all the firepower they have offensively, they never get the credit that they deserve defensively; especially given they have the league’s best individual defender in Draymond Green. And if would be criminal not to give that guy the Defensive Player of the Year award.

This cat’s energy, aggression and defensive intensity was on display for everyone to see.  Hell, the guy was an assist away from a triple double. So if you lames want to continue to fire off your junk blasting tweets and emails every time I mention this guy, go right ahead.

In the meantime, this cat is a killer, and heart and soul and can flat out will a team, even that team to a series win, or more. Golden State isn’t treating Portland like an 8; Kevin Durant is getting right, they’re locking defensively, and they are clearly the team to beat.

As for Portland: Damian and C.J. were incredible in the first half. But you’re not beating the favorite 2 on 5. Trailblazers coach Terry Stotts said it best; those two were amazing.  But even if they combine for 80, we’re still going to need find another 40 or 50 to win.  Right. And right now, I don’t see who that’s coming from. Especially if they don’t have Jusuf Nurkic, and his status is still unknown. Believe me, they’ve got Golden State’s attention, but it’s going to be awfully tough to match their firepower, even with Lillard and McCollum balling out.


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