The Pacers obviously were really frustrated at the end of that game, you get that good a look at the end of the game, with a chance to stun the defending champs and rip the home court, you better make it.


If you’re someone other than Paul George on the Pacers and you’re taking that shot, you better make it. A point George apparently made to Miles after it went down.

That said, I can’t put that all on Miles. Sure, he had a good look. And of course, your franchise guy wants the ball and the last shot. Problem with that is, everyone in the world knows that. Including the Cavaliers who told themselves, anyone but George. If they hit one late and beat us, we tip our hat, just as long as it’s not Paul George.

The Pacers have to know that. Just as they have to know that double team is coming.  And they need to have another option. That’s why they called time out; presumably to set up the play for George and if they force it out of his hands to have a plan B.  Either they didn’t or that’s what it was.

And if that’s what it was, that was news to George who was complaining that he didn’t get the shot. We can argue what’s better, a role guy getting an open look or a star forcing one up: but there’s no arguing this; that was a golden opportunity that went right down the drain.

Had to have it, could have had it and really should have had it. And it would put a lot of pressure on a Cleveland team that has not played well for weeks. And would have put some doubt in their collective domes.


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