The Bengals might be just getting started with voluntary offseason workouts — but Adam Jones is in mid-season form.

Because Day 1 of workouts ended with Pac getting HEATED after a reporter asked him about his eventful offseason — that included an arrest on felony charges for spitting on a jailhouse nurse and head-butting and kicking police officers after an incident at a Cincinnati hotel.

And even though he KNEW the questions were coming, Pac went Pac and handled the questions in the worst way possible:


Everything was going well. Pac said all the right things — thanking owner Mike Brown, head coach Marvin Lewis, his teammates, the city. He talked about not taking the game for granted and loving football and how Cincinnati is his home. But NOBODY’s playing that clip right now. Not when Pac loses it because a reporter had the nerve to ask a follow-up question. Not when the Dayton Daily News reports that Jones went back at the same reporter after the cameras turned off, for asking “stupid ass BLEEPING questions and telling the reporter to “SHUT THE BLEEP UP” until teammates and Marvin Lewis had to calm him down. Time to dig out that receipt and check the return policy on those anger management lessons.

PAC — COME ON BUDDY. It’s April. The Bengals are still technically alive in the AFC playoff chase. Vontaze Burfict hasn’t been fined yet. AJ Green and Tyler Eifert are still healthy. Andy Dalton hasn’t chucked any game-losing picks. You’re literally in the building to get a sweat and walk through the playbook, not get hooked by a reporter and get fined.

But a dozen years into his NFL career this guy can’t shake it. At 33, after turning the corner and shaking off some self-inflicted demons that in today’s league would have ripped his Shield for good — he’s still getting hooked. And not after a heated Sunday or a playoff loss. After a voluntary workout. And on the wrong side of 30, and after a million chances, Pac has to be thankful that he’s with the one team who’ll keep letting PACMAN BE PACMAN — even if he keeps stepping in the same trap over and over again.

Gear it down, Pac. There’s a LONG season ahead.




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