San Antonio took care of Memphis again, beat the Grizz 96-82 to take a 2-0 lead with that series headed back to Memphis. Not a huge surprise.

A two handling its business against a 7. Not a surprise and not all that impressive. But I’ll tell you what is. Memphis coach David Fizdale going off on the refs after it happened.

Obviously, he’s not the first guy to do it. And certainly won’t be the last. I just don’t know if anyone will do it better than this guy. Because, folks, this is one of the all-time postseason rants.

And if for some reason you missed it, last night, or this morning, you’re in for a real treat:


Awesome! Take that for data! Is an incredible walk off!

That truly is a postseason rant for the ages. And if you think that’s the only time you’re going to hear that on the show today, you’re sadly mistaken. And if you didn’t know who Memphis’ coach was before I played that, you do now! It’s David Freaking Fizdale. And he’s got himself a catch phrase: take that for data!!

In fact, he has two: they’re not gonna rook us!

You may not have known this guy before he went off, but those in the know, absolutely knew him already. They know that Fizdale is a bright young coach, who is really well respected around the league. So that’s not just some anonymous dude, running off at the mouth, blasting the officials and running a misdirection to get people to look at something other than him.

This is a guy who’s down 2-0 and knows his team is in trouble. And he’s doing whatever he can to keep his team in it, without Tony Allen, the grandfather and with Vince Carter, the grandfather, playing 33 minutes a night.

They may be going down, but not without a brawl. Not as long as Fizdale is there. And you can take that for data! Because no way in hell they’re gonna rook them!

Furthermore, that’s not just a dude who snapped. He knew exactly what he was doing, and what he was saying. He knew taking a run at the refs like that was going to cost him stacks and stacks.

And as soon as he went with the “unprofessional blast” he should have just left a blank check at the podium and let the league fill in the amount. But you can’t say he didn’t get his money’s worth. Just as you can’t say it’s not going to work.

And I don’t have a problem with what he said. Fact is, the numbers he ran down are lopsided. Both for the first half and for the entire game. And they really don’t add up. In the first half, the Grizzlies had 19 shots in the paint, but only six free throws, while the Spurs had just 11 shots in the paint and 23 free throws. Like he said, “I’m not a numbers guy but that doesn’t seem to add up.”

And it got even worse in the second half, where the Grizzlies shot it 32 times in the paint, but only went to the line 15 times, while the Spurs put it up 18 times in the paint yet took 32 free throws.

Bottom line, Fizdale’s not going to will his team to a win over the Spurs. He won’t have that. But he will have one of the best sports rants in recent years. In fact, we’ll all have it.

Thanks for letting it rip, Fiz. You know me, I don’t root. Not for any team or any player or any outcome. Just for something to talk about. And he gave me that. So score that one for team content.


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