Just when you think you’ve got a handle on this Knicks mess, something new drops. And as if it weren’t a big enough soap opera with Phillip trashing his star player to any reporter with a pen and microphone, or Kristaps Porzingis blowing off his exit interview for a one-way ticket home to Latvia, TMZ is reporting that Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La are divorcing — and that a PREGNANT STRIPPER is a big reason why.

You can’t make this stuff up. And all that talk about HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE — I’m not sure that includes your six-and-a-half-month pregnant side hustle, who works the rail at one of NYC’s finest gentleman’s clubs. ALLEGEDLY.

So that’s a New Wrinkle.

That’s a different part of the equation that you have to consider. Because Melo not playing D or not passing the rock is one thing. Melo impregnating a stripper when he’s married to someone else is quite another.

And for as crass as it sounds — maybe that’s the most Knicks thing of all, that Melo getting the one ring that he does have ripped off his finger could be the key to the Knicks getting out of this mess.

Let me stress: I’m not jumping to conclusions. EVEN if TMZ doesn’t SWING and MISS with a story like this barely ever.

And even if you take this report with a grain of salt — They always say that you are the company that you keep and if a story about you is anywhere near the headline “Man who kicked pregnant woman weeps as brother posts bail” you are in some really bad company. Pretty terrible company in fact.

I’m not sure it gets worse than kicking a pregnant woman, but “woman who conspired to sell child” is close. And the fact this woman is allegedly a serial child-seller is horrendous. Again, you’re Carmelo Anthony, your name and photo should be nowhere near dudes who kick pregnant women or a child-seller.

There’s also “Melanie Griffith hopes she looks normal after cosmetic surgeries” but personal appearance is not show fodder, so I won’t go there.

Oh, and it doesn’t get better if you refresh. Do that and you’re getting headlines like: “South African man, 22, in court for axe murder of his family.”

That’s not the starting lineup you want to be trotting out there with. Who’s coming off the bench, The OCTO-MOM? That’s not the kind of press you want to be getting when you’re deciding whether or not to waive your no trade clause.

And just when you think the Knicks can’t go deeper into the abyss, just when you think it’s the biggest dumpster fire in the NBA — you throw a 6-month pregnant stripper into the mix.

Stay Melo.


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