The Cavs blew another huge second half lead, nearly let another one slip away, and just did hold on to beat a 7 seed in Indiana, in another game that was much tougher than it needed to be. Yet when it was over, LeBron was acting like it was all good and that the Cavs are exactly where they needed to be.

Whatever works for you, King.

Strive for greatness, right cuz? But saying you’d rather have an 18 point lead than no lead isn’t exactly a great take. In fact, it’s pretty wack. You’d rather have an 18 point lead than no lead. Great. Except that 18 point fourth quarter lead in the fourth quarter almost turned into no lead. Like just about every lead you’ve had in the last few months. So another blown lead and another missed chance to choke out an opponent when you had your hands wrapped around their throat… And again, you couldn’t do it.

Same problems that existed prior to the start of the playoffs are still there. And they haven’t thrown the switch. And they’re still not playing like a team that win it all. I see LeBron working: he’s trying to lead from the front, keep it all positive and instill some confidence in his teammates.

And being up 2-0 is a helluva better than being down 2-0. But in reality, they’re this close to being down 2-0. So, they’re winning, but not dominating or intimidating anyone.  They’re doing just enough and barely getting by. But they’re not playing like a team that’s going to win it all. They’re not playing championship level basketball. They’re doing just enough to beat a 7 seed. And don’t look so great doing it either.


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