Aaron Hernandez died after hanging himself in his prison cell early today according to Massachusetts prisons officials.

He was recently acquitted of double murder charges but was still serving a life sentence for a murder conviction. He was in a single cell in a general population housing unit in a maximum security state prison. He reportedly hanged himself using a bed sheet that he attacked to a cell window. He reportedly tried to block the cell door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.

Prison officials say they had no reason to believe he was suicidal, they haven’t seen a suicide note and that the investigation is ongoing.

Meantime, some close to Hernandez don’t believe he would take his own life. One of his agents Brian Murphy tweeted, “absolutely no chance he took his own life. Chico was not a saint, but my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life.”

Referring to a convicted murder as “not a saint” is a fairly generous. And I get that he and his family loved Hernandez but to declare that he would absolutely not take his own life is strange.

I mean, if you can take someone else’s life, it’s not that much of a stretch to think you might take your own when you’re facing life in prison.

And Murphy isn’t the only one not buying it. One of Hernandez’s lawyers, Jose Baez, also isn’t sure he committed suicide. Sources told TMZ sports, “Baez believes this could be murder either by inmates or the folks who run the prison.”

Again, I have no idea if he did or didn’t, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to think he might, considering he was looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars.

So many questions, most of which we’ll probably never get the answers to. He was just acquitted of double murder charges and was going to appeal his life sentence, so why take your own life right now? Who knows? Why murder Odin Lloyd in the first place? Why turn to that life in the first place? We’ll probably never know.

It truly is one of the most bizarre and tragic stories I’ve ever seen. A guy who had absolutely everything…unbelievable talent. A $40 million dollar contract, playing with arguably the best Q.B. ever, and best franchise in the NFL right now…. a fiancée he loved: a dream life. A life we would all want it. And still threw it all away.

And not just threw it all away but took one man’s life and wrecked countless others in the process.

One thing to waste your gifts and throw a dream life away, quite another to take another man’s life. There’s nothing about this story that’s not tragic. Everyone loses.

All-American and a national champion at Florida. Signed a $40 million contract at the age of 23. Hernandez had a chance to write an incredible story for himself and those around him, but instead, his legacy is of all the pain that he caused people around him. The family of Odin Lloyd. The family of Daniel de Abreu. The family of Safiro Furtado. And his own family as well.

And why would he choose that life given everything he had going for him? Folks have spent the last few years trying to figure out what happened to him and still no one has come up with a good answer. And that’s because there isn’t one. No silver lining here. Everyone loses. And no one really knows where and why it went so wrong for this guy, and why he ended up ruining so many lives.


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