The Celtics are on the ropes. Scratch that. The Celtics are on the mat, the ring spinning, blood is pouring out of their mouth and they’re trying to figure out what the hell just hit them.

Because the Bulls just landed two gigantic haymakers, in front of a stunned city of Boston. And all the grind that went into running down the Cavaliers late and ripping the number one seed from them in the East has all gone right down the drain.

And yes, it does look like they’re pretty much the worst one seed ever, and are about to become just the sixth one seed to lose in the first round. Because history shows teams that go up 2-0 in the NBA playoffs almost never lose.

They went into last night’s game knowing it was a must win. Knowing they had just been punked in their own house, by an 8 seed. And they still got hammered in game two. It’s not just that they lost two games at home; it’s how they lost them. Abused and humiliated in their own building.

What the hell is going on here?? Is it just a matter of them being the worst one seed ever?  Are the Bulls just a terrible matchup for them? Or are they just not able to overcome the tragic loss of Isaiah Thomas’ sister. The answer is. Yes. All of the above.

Again, one thing to go down 2-0, quite another to do it the way they did. At home. And getting manhandled by an 8. And all those flaws and deficiencies that didn’t hurt them during the regular season are wrecking them right now. They can’t rebound. At all. And no one other than Isaiah Thomas is giving them anything offensively right now. Which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Especially Danny Ainge, who had a look at possibly getting either Jimmy Butler or Paul George at the trade deadline. But didn’t. Then again, he never does. And it’s come back to bite him once again. Because Butler is killing them in this series. Think maybe Paul George might have helped right about now. And Butler’s not the only killing them, but former Celtic Rajon Rondo is too. Because of course he is.  He just missed a triple double last night and looked like Rondo did in his prime when he was routinely abusing fools. They’re getting abused. Abused by Robin Lopez and on the offensive glass. So exactly how are they going to get it together, going back to Chicago, down 2-0 and having to win four of the next five. The answer is they’re not.

Next time you have a chance to dramatically improve your team at the deadline, Danny, you do it. Assuming there is a next time.



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