Chris Mannix

Info & Stats: Yahoo Writer

All Topics: Chicago up on Boston 2-0 | Boston should be embarrassed from the top down | Robin Lopez | Rajon Rondo’s play | Rondo saying the Celtics gave up | Boston’s strategy | Tragic death of Isaiah Thomas sister | Eastern Conference sucks | Cleveland’s defense | Utah Jazz’s loss of Rudy Gobert is too much |

Apr 19th 2017

Chris on the Eastern Conference: “It sucks.”


Feb 23rd 2017

All Topics: Trade Deadline today | Hour before deadline show | DeMarcus Cousins trade | New Orleans Pelicans having Cousins and Anthony Davis together | Two alpha males on Pelicans | Sixers trading Nerlens Noel to Dallas | Sixers still viewing Jahlil Okafor as no. 3 overall talent | Jimmy Butler’s future in Chicago | Paul George rumors | San Antonio | Spurs would be interested in Andrew Bogut |

Chris talks NBA Trade Deadline.


Jan 11th 2017

All Topics: Derrick Rose bouncing NY without telling anyone | Doesn’t think the Rose situation is over | Rose’s inner circle not even being able to find him | Rose and Jeff Hornacek’s relationship | Phil Jackson has handled the Rose situation embarrassingly | Rose’s upcoming free agency | New age of length at positions | Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo | DeMarcus Cousins’ future in Sac Town | Vlade Divac

Chris on DeMarcus Cousins: “He wants to be in Sacramento.”


July 8th 2016

All Topics: Golden State wearing the black hat | ‘Super Teams’ are horrible for the league | League putting an emphasis on parity | How ‘Super Teams’ are built is the problem | Like the moves for Kevin Durant |

Chris on ‘Super Teams’ in the NBA: “It’s horrible.”


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