Hour 1

Indiana Choke Job | Length Of Program | Haason Reddick (NFL Draft) Interview


Hour 2

Jungle Karma | Brian Scalabrine (NBA) Interview | NFL Schedule Reaction


Hour 3

Lisa In Tucson Talk | Adam Rosales (MLB) Interview | Week That Was



Brian Scalabrine

Former NBA Analyst talks Playoffs.


Haason Reddick

Defensive Prospect talks NFL Draft.


Adam Rosales

Oakland Utility Man shares his story with Jim.



Choke Job

You’re at home, up 25 at halftime, in a must win game, two of their best players on the bench for the entire fourth quarter, with a chance to actually make this series and you flat out choke.
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NFL Schedule Release

And for all those hard-core football honks main-lining this stuff and turning it into a national holiday, it’s just another reminder that the NFL is king.
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Jungle Karma

It transcends even the show.
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R.I.P. Cat

Tiger Woods is BACK. Back under the knife.
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