Info & Stats: Former NBA Player and current TV analyst

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Celtics conversation from a few days ago | Paul George | NBA Draft | Danny Ainge’s building approach | Cleveland Cavs vs. Indiana

Apr 21st 2017

Former NBA Forward talks with Jim.


Mar 8th 2017

All Topics: Boston Celtics basketball | Isaiah Thomas being very frustrated lately | Thomas and Brad Stevens | MVP race | James Harden is his MVP | LeBron James’ season | Paul Pierce seems content on moving on from the NBA | Legacies | Shaq and Kobe’s | What If’s | 3 on 3 League

Brian’s 2016-17 Season MVP: “James Harden.”


May 19th 2016

All Topics: Warriors Tying Series | Mojo Back | Draymond Green | Curry Elbow | Who Wins Series | Cavaliers 9-0 | NBA Finals

Brian on Stephen Curry’s elbow injury: “If I’m Russell, I test Steph with that arm.”


All Topics: NBA Trade Deadline | Dwight Howard staying in Houston | Howard’s contract | Howard’s game | Howard is a pick and roll guy now | Blake Griffin – team manager fight | Trade rumors for Griffin | Teammate fight | Alonzo Mourning – Kenyon Martin fight | NBA players and women | Jason Kidd bowling story | Life at The Vertical | Knowing his role at The Vertical

Feb 19th 2016

Brian on Dwight Howard: “No one wants to coach the aging superstar.”


Jun 2nd 2015

All Topics: NBA Finals | This years’ Golden State squad compared to last seasons’ | 2014-15 Golden State offense | Golden State’s lack of experience | LeBron James’ Finals experience | James’ game right now | Thinks James has played better | Golden State will throw different bodies at James | You need to be physical with LeBron | Kevin Love | Not sure Love is a great fit for this Cavs team | Maybe Love is a better fit somewhere else | Thinks Cleveland should sign and trade Love | Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith’s play in Cleveland | Tom Thibodeau relationship with Chicago was dysfunctional | Kevin Garnett | Garnett cares about all of his teammates | Players hate of Garnett | Garnett doesn’t want to be friends with his opponents | Garnett is old school | KG vs. Big Baby Davis in arm wrestling | KG’s speech after winning the arm wrestling contest | Paul Pierce’s future

Brian on Golden State in the 2015 NBA Finals vs. Cleveland: “I definitely think they’re the favorite to win.”


May 15th 2013

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Miami vs. Chicago | Tom Thibodeau | Bulls saying LeBron was flopping | Acting being a part of the game | Nazr Mohammed and LeBron’s incident | LeBron’s and 1’s | Derrick Rose | Rose’ style of play is violent | Supports Rose’s decision to sit out | Doesn’t love Indiana | Indiana vs. Miami | Size vs. Heat | Miami against Tim Duncan | If LeBron can lock down Duncan he’s the best player ever | LeBron guarding Parker and Duncan is insane | LeBron guarding Derrick Rose | LeBron locking up Al Jefferson | Paul Pierce’s future | Thinks Boston can make one more run with a healthy Rajon Rondo |

Brian on the NBA Playoffs: “Talent always makes the difference.”


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