Jungle Karma is greater than us all. It transcends even the show. People who have never listened to the Jungle know about Jungle Karma… It’s why coaches usually start or tag interviews with: “I need that Jungle Karma, Rome.”

There are probably monks in the high hills of Tibet studying the ancient art of the Jungle Karma as we speak. Hell, Jungle Karma has its own entry in Urban Dictionary. True story. If you ask me, it should have an entire page in the ACTUAL dictionary. Yo Webster, where you at? The point being, the Karma is real… and last night, it struck again. My man Eric Thames… did you check him last night? Dude, went yard.

For those counting at home… that’s his major league leading 8th homer. To put that in perspective… the entire Red Sox team has seven home runs. Again, 8 homers in 8 days! Nobody is hotter than this cat right now.

And it’s not like this was B.P. pitching behind an L-net. It was against the Cardinals fire-hurling ace Carlos Martinez. I don’t know what they serve in those Korean MEAT RESTAURANTS, but this dude came back on a freaking tear. Now I see why Korea gave him the nickname “God.”

And trust me, the Jungle Karma is as mysterious as anything. I don’t choose who gets the Karma. The Karma chooses you. But I will say this: guys tend to get more Jungle Karma when they come in and have a great interview. It’s one thing to come into the Jungle. It’s an entire other thing to LEAVE YOUR MARK on the Jungle. And that’s what Thames did. He hit us with stories of fans interrupting his make-out sessions to ask for pictures and autographs.

Freaking awesome. And a few hours later he’s touching ‘em all and putting his team up for good against a division rival.

And I have a feeling I won’t be hearing from those losers who love to point out whenever the Karma DOESN’T work… First, the Karma doesn’t ever NOT work… In some cases, it just takes longer. Like when losers point out that I had Dabo Swinney on before he lost the 2016 National Title Game… A year later, he wins is all. I don’t choose WHEN the Karma Strikes.

Or some of you hit me with: What about when you had Chael Sonnen on before he got choked out in the Tito Ortiz fight? Look, if we DIDN’T put Chael on, he might’ve died… or at least been a much DARKER shade of purple by the time he tapped out. So the Karma DID help him out. The point is: you losers never email me when the Karma WORKS… but that’s probably because you’d be typing up emails ALL DAY EVERYDAY.


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