Patrick Beverley was dinged 25 grand by the NBA for confronting an OKC fan. Actually not just a fan, but reportedly the son of one of the Thunder’s minority owners.

Beverly was knocked down after attempting a layup and landed near this guy. The guy was ID’ed as Stuart Scaramucci, son of thunder minority owner Jay Scaramucci. Beverley jumped up complaining about the fan an then approached him after the game. Beverley said, “I’m ok with the hazing. I’m ok with the boos. I’m ok with other fans rooting for their team. But I’m not ok with the blatant disrespect while I’m on the ground after a foul and a fan is yelling out to me, fuck you Patrick Beverley. Fuck Patrick Beverley. F- you Patrick Beverley.  F-u Patrick Beverley and waving a clapper in my face.” He went on: “I’m not comfortable with that. So if the NBA won’t protect the players in that situation, I feel the need as a man, as a grown man who has children, who has morals and who stands up for the right thing, I have to protect myself.”

I wasn’t there. I don’t know what was said. But if that fan, better yet, the son of one of the owners of the team, started dropping f bombs on Beverley, I can see why he was so upset. Because that’s not all right.

It is difficult at times to know what’s fair game and what’s not for fans: it is tough to know exactly where the line is: but screaming f you in a guy’s face repeatedly is definitely over the line.

Buying a ticket to a game doesn’t give you license to do that. Boo, talk junk, heckle, ride guys make as much noise as you want, but don’t get in a guy’s grill and f bomb because you’re at a game and you know you’re protected. Or because your dad owns part of the team.

I mean, are you going to go up to Pat Beverley or another player on the street and f bomb him to his face? Probably not. But you’ll do it at a game. Why? Because you bought a ticket. That ticket doesn’t give license to do that. Neither does daddy owning part of the team.

I get that Beverley can run pretty hot. I get that Thunder fan still hates him for dinging Westbrook in the playoffs a few years ago. But you can’t just f bomb a guy repeatedly to his face.

Just as you can’t threaten to kill a guy, like a Thunder ball boy did to Beverley as well back in the day.

And for a guy like Pat Beverley, if the league doesn’t do something about that or protect him from something like that, he’s going to take matters into his own hands. And he’s not the only one.

Bad confluence of events: fans holding a ticket, thinking that gives him license to say or do whatever they want combined with booze, which has them doing and saying things they would never do anywhere else.

Go to the game, talk some junk, just don’t f bomb any of the players repeatedly to their face.


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