Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Blake Griffin is hurt. Again. And out the rest of the playoffs. With a toe injury.

I’d love to say I’m surprised but I’m not. No one else is either. I’m not saying it’s his fault. Breaking his hand on a co-worker’s face, who was half his size and missing a huge chunk of the season; that was his fault. This wasn’t this is just S.O.P. for Griff. Getting hurt, again, and not being available for the team when it needs him most.

Let’s look at the bright side here; because he went down when he did, the worst possible time, it may actually spare the Clips another embarrassing curb stomping at the hands of Golden State in the second round. Because with Griffin out, again, they may not get out of the first round.

Which the begs the question, has Griffin already played his last game for the Clippers. He may have. And Doc Rivers knows it which why he was making his case to USA Today recently not to break this crew up: “do you give up on a 50 win team that has proven that they’re really close or do you hang in there trying to make changes around (the core). I think it’s so easy to say, ‘hey, they should break up’ from the outside.”

This is a big Doc Rivers house. And he’s right, it is really easy to sit on the outside and say break up a team that wins 50 games every year. But I do take exception to Doc saying they’re quote really close. They’re not.

Golden State and San Antonio are still killing it, Houston has come on really strong, but the Clippers aren’t improving at all. And they’re not getting better, they’re just getting older.

Fact is, while Chris Paul is still lights out, he won’t be forever; he’s 31 now. J. J. Redick could leave as a free agent this summer. Plus, you have to wonder if Griffin even wants to be there anymore.

Despite breaking his hand on an asst. equipment manager’s face, and getting hurt virtually every year, he’s still going to be the guy on the free agent market this summer. But never thee guy with the Clips while Chris Paul is here. Never mind, should they keep it together, question might be does Griffin even want to? Should he stay. Should they bring him back? Or should he bounce and look to win elsewhere, or should the Clippers break it up regardless of what he wants.

It says here, it doesn’t work. They’ve had their chances. The chemistry isn’t right and they’re not winning with this group. If winning 50 games in the regular season every year is all you aspire to, go ahead, bring em all back; pay crazy luxury tax dough and enjoy your regular season success. Because that’s all you’re ever going to have.

This crew isn’t doing it in the postseason. Especially as it relates to Griffin, because you can’t win when he is healthy and he’s getting hurt more and more: that in and of itself is a reason to move on: he’s played a total of 96 regular season games the last two years.  And hasn’t played more than 67 games the last three.


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