After playing another unbelievable game, and notching yet another triple double, this time in the first half, and losing again, to fall behind the Rockets 3 games to 1, Russell Westbrook snapped on a reported who tried to ask Steven Adams, why things go so terribly when Westbrook goes to the bench and whether or not the Rockets get an energy boost when it happens. Perfectly valid question.

Nothing out of bounds about that. But before Adams could even respond, Russ jumped the route and let the reporter, he wasn’t having any of that, nor was he going to let any outsider drive a wedge between his and his teammates:



Eassssssy, Russ. I get that you’re frustrated. But a big reason you are is because of what the reporter just laid out. He’s right. The Thunder aren’t a threat to anyone with Westbrook on the bench; and of course the opposition gets a jolt of energy with the league’s alleged MVP gets a breather.

That’s no bombshell. Nor is that a question that’s out of line.

That’s not some reporter coming out of nowhere and ask you about your family or some other personal issues. That’s a very obvious basketball question, that should have been easily answered, or in the very least, easily deflected.

Not to mention, it wasn’t even directed at Russ; the question was for Adams, who had Westbrook let answer, would have done a much better job with it than Westbrook did.

Westbrook has had an incredible season. A historic season. And with Kevin Durant gone, he has really taken it up on himself to be the face of that franchise and to lead from the front. And he’s made great strides in that regard. But next questioning a guy and not letting a teammate answer a perfectly valid question is not great leadership.

I don’t know the reporter in question, Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman, personally, but I think I’m safe in assuming, he didn’t think to himself, ‘now what can I can say to Adams to get Russ to snap and drive a wedge between Westbrook and the rest of his team. I’m not here to do a job or write up a game recap: I’m here to sabotage and divide this team.

Again, there are crappy reporters, who have their own agenda, just like there scumbags in any line of work, that are about all the wrong things. But this isn’t a case of a reporter trying to divide you. It’s the Rockets trying to beat you. And they’re going to. And that’s your problem, not some would be insurgent in the media who think wants you to lose and is trying to sabotage you.

Of course, the Thunder are a lottery team when you go to the bench,; and of course the opposition is happy when it happens. Most obvious thing ever. I know guys get a lot of mileage and fuel out of the us against the world angle, but that’s not what that was. That was just some dude doing his job and asking an obvious question.


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