Adrian Peterson has finally found a new home. With the Saints in New Orleans.

Why the Saints? Well, if you believe what he told ESPN, it’s because “it just felt right within my spirit.”

That. Or they offered him the most dough. Take your choice.

The Saints reportedly guaranteed him $3.5 mill for 2017, a massive haircut from what he was looking for after the Vikings cut him loose, but probably more than anyone else was offering him. In total, it’s a two year deal that could net him up to $8.25 m if he hits all his incentives.
So after visits to New England and Seattle, and group workouts with Jameis and the Bucs. After sliding into the Giants DM’s on twitter. After all that talk about fit, and ability to win a championship — AP’s betting on a team with 75:1 odds and a defense that gave up more points than every team but one. Got it.

Let me go athlete on you and just say…this is what it is.

And what it’s not, is a lock: who knows what you’re getting with this guy. He’s 32, coming off a knee injury that limited him to just 3 games last season. And he really didn’t look that good before he got hurt. Furthermore, they already have a lead back in Mark Ingram, so you’re asking a future Hall of Famer and the guy used to being the man, to accept a role. And to share the rock. And to come off the field.

Is he willing to do that? And even if he has the best attitude in the world, does he have anything left. Who knows? But given who he is, the chip on the shoulder he should have. And how much they’re paying him, I think it’s a pretty good gamble for the Saints. And if he’s smart, he’ll maximize whatever he has left, because in going to the Saints and hooking up with Drew Brees and Sean Payton, he has one last shot to contend for a ring.  I’m not expecting a helluva lot from him, but they’re not risking a helluva lot for him either. I like it.

If he’s right physically and still has that fire, he’ll outperform that contract. If not, you break him off and you really don’t lose much at all. Good signing.


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