Madbum went all Madbum with it, wrecking himself on a dirt bike on his off day, bruising his ribs and spraining his AC joint.

Although it could have been worse, this is bad. How bad is anyone’s guess.

Madbum said yesterday he didn’t think there was any structural damage in the shoulder but wouldn’t say how long he thought he would be sidelined or if he needed surgery or not. Or when or even if he’ll be back this season.

A bitter, bitter blow to a Giants team that was already struggling. Tough enough to have to deal with injuries that result from playing the game, even tougher when they happen as a result of some braindead decision.

Look, this guy is absolutely unbelievable. The ultimate horse and gamer. And teammate.  But that is a really, really dumb decision. No mlb’er should be riding a dirt bike in the middle of the season. Much less a pitcher. Much less that pitcher.

But unlike Jeff Kent who did pretty much the same thing back in the day, Madbum didn’t make up some bullcrap story about how he fell off the back of his mini-monster truck while washing it like Kent did. Bumgarner owned it. And apologized for it. Because unlike Kent, he knows the cover-up is always worse than the crime. Just like he knows never to go out in public rocking a porn stache.

Thing is, while that was a really horrible decision and puts the Giants in a really bad spot, this is essentially who this guy is, and why he’s so invaluable to them. And why they all have that 2014 ring. Because he thinks he’s indestructible  and until he laid that rented dirt bike down, he pretty much was.

Didn’t the guy pitch like every single inning of every single game of the 2014 postseason when the Giants won it all so if anyone can get away with doing something this dumb, it’s Bumgarner, because it’s almost impossible to quantify what he’s meant to that franchise.

Not only has this guy been the ultimate horse, he’s grossly underpaid.  I’m not even sure how this is possible, but in 2016, he was the Giants’ lowest paid starting pitcher.

He signed the deal, but obviously has outperformed the contract incredibly. It’s a joke how underpaid this guy is, he is tied to the team through 2019 through options and is guaranteed just $12 million. Absolutely nothing for a pitcher of his caliber. Clayton Kershaw will make that in two months this season.

So that was a really, really dumb thing to do, but he owned it, no one feels worse about it than he does, and you know he’ll never do that again. They just have to hope that their season isn’t already over, that they get this guy back sooner than later, and that when they do, he’s the same pitcher he’s always been. But until they see him take the ball, they’re going to be sweating that.

Unfortunately, that’s the most Madbum injury ever; this dude wasn’t going to get hurt throwing 175 pitches in a game or pitching 500 innings in one season. It was going to be doing something like this: laying down his dirt bike, chopping wood, base-jumping, heli-skiiing or log rolling.



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