Hour 1

Clips Gonna Clip | Jeff In Middletown Calls In | T. J. Oshie (NHL) Interview


Hour 2

Bud Black (MLB) Interview | Mike In Indy Reaction | Utah Calls In On Clippers


Hour 3

Mike Freeman (NFL) Interview | Smack-Off Invite For Patrick Beverly | Marshawn Lynch To Raiders



 T.J. Oshie

Capitals Forward on what they will need vs. Pittsburgh: “Grind mentality.”


Mike Freeman

Bleacher Report NFL Columnist on the Cleveland Browns 2017 NFL Draft: “They can’t screw it up.”


Bud Black

Colorado Manager on Nolan Arenado’s defense: “Best defensive third baseman I’ve seen in my 38 years in the game.”



Clips Gonna Clip

And they’re gonna Clip at the worst possible time.
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Smack-Off Invite For Patrick Beverley

I hate that this Rockets-Thunder series is over.
Click Here for Entire Take

Marshawn Is Going To Oakland

A day before the NFL draft and one of the last remaining off-season dominos falls.
Click Here for Entire Take


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