Info & Stats:  Colorado Rockies Manager

All Topics: Time in Colorado has been great so far | Rotation is hanging in so far | Youngest rotation in baseball | Loves the attitude of his team | Mentally tough SOB’s | Nolan Arenado’s greatness | Arenado’s defense | Bullpen | Tommy John surgery | Guys bouncing back from TJ surgery | DIA Voice

Apr 26th 2017

Bud on Nolan Arenado’s defense: “Best defensive third baseman I’ve seen in my 38 years in the game.”


Dec 9th 2016

All Topics: Hired by Colorado | Getting to know the organization | Challenge in Colorado | Pitching depth is good | Bullpen needs help | Nolan Arenado’s potential | Spending time in the Angles front office last season | Taking a step back | World Series | Cleveland’s bullpen use | Vegemite |

Bud on Nolan Arenado: “What a talent.”



Apr 8th 2015

All Topics: 2015 Season | 9th season in San Diego | Padres off-season | Meshing all of these pieces together | Clubhouse | Spring Training | Trying to build chemistry | Annual 3 point contest | A.J. Preller | Having Kemp in his lineup | Kemp being everything as advertised | Craig Kimbrel | Having managed Trevor Hoffman | NL West | Keeping your big guys healthy

Bud on Matt Kemp: “Everything as advertised.”



Feb 28th 2014

All Topics: Going back to the 80s with Jim | Entering his 8th season as manager of the Padres | Pretty good vibe here in camp | Josh Johnson | Johnson’s health | Commitment from ownership | The way the Dodgers spend money | Spending in bigger markets is going to happen | Padres Twitter picture of him and vegemite | Jake Peavy winning the World Series with Boston | Really happy for Peavy | John Lackey

Bud on 2014 Spring Training: “Pretty good vibe here in camp.”



Mar 27th 2013

All Topics: 2013 Spring Training | Getting ready for the season | Health | NL West | San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers | Played well the last 100 games of last year | Opening Day starter Edinson Volquez | Volquez being gone for the World Baseball Classic | When Volquez is in the strike zone I’d take him against anybody | Likes the World Baseball Classic | The international factor of the WBC | Changes at Petco Park were needed | Dimensions of the ballpark |

Bud on the World Baseball Classic: “It’s growing the game internationally.”



Oct 06, 2010:

Topics: 2010 MLB season | Great season | Not being able to cash it in | Our guys have a lot to be proud of | Moving forward | Changes | Big questions with key players | Adrian Gonzalez being a free agent after next season | Market value for Gonzalez | Will be tough to keep Gonzalez | Move Gonzalez? | Needing bats | Pitching ball park | Getting players to San Diego | General Manager Jed Hoyer | Happy with working relationship with Hoyer | Heath Bell | Tough decisions | Signing Bell? | Kevin Towers | Heath Bell loves San Diego


May 12, 2010:

Topics: 1st Place in the NL West | We have 25 guys that play as a team | Good pitching | Adrian Gonzalez | Bullpen has been lights out | Have had a number of close games | Ace | Don’t need an Ace | Adrian Gonzalez’s future with the club | Adrian is focusing on the present | Leading the league in stolen bases | The games getting more athletic | Their ballpark frustrates opponents |


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