A day before the NFL draft and one of the last remaining offseason dominos falls. Marshawn Lynch is going to Oakland. Multiple reports say, pending a physical, it’s a done deal.

Question is, is a deal they made because they needed someone to replace Latavius Murray. Or is it a deal they made to make Oakland Raider fan forget they got worked again and are having their team ripped from again. And the answer is, YES. Of course.  It’s both those things.

And maybe more the latter than the former. Face it, the only thing worse than ripping a team from the hometown fans, is doing it twice. And the only thing worse than doing it twice, is sticking around for a few years before moving and expecting those same fans who have been abused to continue to support the team and throw mad jack at it. Even though they just got stabbed in the heart again. Raider fan doesn’t play like that. That’s not a surgical strike.

They ripped Raider Fans out heart, again, and now they’re going to stick around for another year or two to show it to them every single day. And it’s going to be ugly. And it’s going to get worse. And they needed a running back. So if they can get one who has ties to the town and is beloved, even better.

Just know this: it’s not going to make anyone forget that the Raiders are leaving.  Especially if Lynch can longer hulk out. And who knows if he can. Last we saw of him in 2015 he was a shell of his former self, playing just 7 games and averaging a full yard less per carry than he did the year before. He retired for a reason. So who knows if this guy can help them win anything other than the presser and the local news cycle.

But I’ll tell you who is getting over. Who is winning big. Mark Davis. Which is why personal appearances are not show fodder. And  you don’t judge a book by its cover.  Ever. Don’t let that crazy ginger bowl cut fool you. This cat just went mastermind before our very eyes.

Right when it looks like Davis and his relocation are dead in the water, this dude magically pulls 750 mill out of the thin area. AND rather than coming here to L.A. to share a stadium with someone else, he gets his own brand new crib off the strip in Nevada. And now he finds the one guy who has the potential to make Raider fan slightly  less pissed that his team has been ripped from him yet again.

This signing isn’t going to make a horrible situation good, but assuming this guy can still get it between tackles, get going downhill. And abuse a fool or two, it could help.

Don’t get me wrong, Raider Fan. They’re still leaving. You’re still screwed. And Mark Davis is still rocking that crazy red bowl. But at least you have one of your own to help you forget how jacked up your life is right now.



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