I retweeted a tweet from jungle historian, @stucknut this morning: quote: Current #Smackoff odds for outsiders: 20/1 Rich Smackerman 25/1 Jeff Passan New entry and early favorite: 2/1 Patrick Beverley.

Assuming I could even get Patrick Beverly to accept an invite to the Smack-Off, the Nut may have a pint here. And another reason I hate that this Rockets-Thunder series is over.

It was must-watch from the opening tip, but last night was the best episode yet. It’s like any good TV show… It completely sucks you in and leaves you wanting more by the time the season finale hits. That was Rockets-Thunder last night. First we got the drama of Russ and Pat Beverly beefing on the court.


Then the drama turned to them beefing into mics during their pressers afterwards. First went Russ…


STRAIGHT FIRE! Not bad, Russ… He has a point. Russ went off this series. Nearly set an NBA record for consecutive triple doubles in the playoff. He did appear to be unstoppable and unguardable. What you got, Pat?


STOP THE FIGHT! STOP THE FIGHT! Men lie, women lie, but the numbers don’t. I’ll tell you something else, Van Smack doesn’t lie either… and here’s the truth: Pat Beverly just murdered Russ in cold blood. I mean, damn. Russ was already gasping for air after getting sent packing from the playoffs, but Bev just drove the stake through his heart. Ending him for good. Now you’re done, Russ… don’t let the door hit you in the casket on the way out

Rockets-Thunder hit us with a mini-Smackoff on its way out the door.

Like I said, it left us wanting more. Any chance we could make this Best of 9? Best of 11? Hell, let’s just run the whole thing back again? Damn… I mean, who saw this coming? Russ beefing with a Rocket… and it’s NOT James Harden?! If two guys were exchanging words, you’d think it would be the two dudes exchanging punches for 82 games during one of the closest MVP races in years. Nope… this series unveiled a new protagonist… or antagonist, depending on what side of the fence you’re on… right before the very end.

Damn, I wish the series had a few more games. Or even a few more quarters. I’ll tell you this… If Netflix put this series up, I’d settle into my sofa, grab a Sapphire and binge watch the hell out of this whole series again. And if not that, just let the two of these guys play one on one.

Make it, take it, call your own fouls.



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