Golden State Warriors General Manager Bob Myers does not believe head coach Steve Kerr’s ongoing symptoms from his 2015 back surgery, which has him out indefinitely, will end his coaching career. Myers joined The Jim Rome Show on Thursday to discuss his ailing coach’s future.

“To be honest, the basketball is what provides him with the most happiness. It’s almost like a salve, it’s almost carried him through,” Myers said of Kerr. “Some people might not understand that or think you’re just saying that. It’s not true. Really, he’s been struggling, but the basketball and coaching these players has been a positive.”

Myers said through all of Kerr’s success on the court and off, head coaching is his true calling.

“It’s funny, I don’t know how you feel about your job, but we all go through life and hopefully we settle in a career that feels authentic to us, it feels comfortable to us. He’s played, he’s done the broadcasting, he was a GM, he finally fell into a job that he feels is him,” Myers said. “He’s like this is what I’m supposed to do. It took him 50 years of his life. You go through all these things, but when he landed in coaching, he said this fits me, and I believe that. I think it does.”

The 42-year-old seemed to think what Kerr is going through now is a tough hurdle in what he sees as a long coaching career.

“What he’s going through right now is not a product of stress, it’s not a product of coaching, it’s more a physical issue that will be solved. When it will be solved, no one can say. But it is solvable, it’s fixable and like I said, he’s going to coach, but right now he just can’t. There’s some things that need to be corrected,” Myers said. “But I think he’ll get back. I’m very very confident he will be back coaching, I just can’t say when.”

Myers continued, “And when he is Jim, I think this guy is going to coach for a long time, because he thoroughly enjoys it. He really loves the game, and he is a great teacher. And you’ve had him on, I’m sure you’ve met him and talked to him. It’s one thing to know the game, but he has the ability to communicate it and our players clearly respond. So I can see that’s why a question you’d ask I totally get it and other people have asked but no I think he’s going to be in this game for a long time, we just have to get him back healthy now.”

Myers said Kerr knows the game so well, he’s developed the ability to communicate to his players and they respond. He then further stressed that Kerr will be in this game for a long time, but remained unsure when he will return. Until then, Myers tried to shed some perspective on Kerr’s current back problems and admitted that fixing his problems are more important than the game at this time.

“There’s no handbook, there’s no plan, there’s no in this situation, you do this. There is no protocol for a head coach that is suffering and needs to take a step back,” Myers said. “So that stuff is life stuff, that’s more than basketball. So that stuff is the stuff that really is emotional. I feel that more than the winning and losing.”


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