Clips Gonna clip. And they’re gonna do it at the worst possible time. And headed back to Utah, facing elimination, they’re in big trouble. Without Blake Griffin, they’re outclassed and outmatched.

Hell, with Blake Griffin, they may have been outclassed and outmatched. And I just don’t see Chris Paul getting them all on his back, again… and getting it back here for a Game 7.

I think they’re D.O.A. in Salt Lake City. And for this group, that is not the hill you want to die on.

So do you break it up? Hell yes, you break it up. How many times can you just sit back and watch this happen? I hear some folks say they get a pass because Blake Griffin got hurt. No they don’t. That’s part of the problem; Blake Griffin is always hurt now. They can’t count on him. And again, even if the guy did play, I’m not sure they beat the Jazz.  And I know they don’t beat Golden State. That’s the silver lining in Griffin going down, it saves them another curb stomping at the hands of the Warriors. It doesn’t work. The pieces don’t fit.

And it’s not like they’ve been knocking on the door and are about to win an NBA title.  They’ve never even made it to the conference finals with this crew. They’ve given it enough time. If anything, too much time. Bust it up and try something new.


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