Let’s be clear: It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Browns might win the draft. The Browns HAVE TO WIN THE DRAFT. Because when you’ve got 4 of the top 52 picks — 11 in 7 rounds, you better have a plan. And they do. To stockpile and load up, for this very moment.

Then again, isn’t this the last franchise you want loading up and hoarding draft picks.

After all, what good is having all those picks if you’re going to end up actually using them. And nobody is worse with their draft picks than the Browns. It doesn’t matter how many GM’S or coaches, or owners they cycle through, they will find a way to screw things up on draft day.

Then again, we’re led to believe that this time is going to be different. Because this crew is different. Sashi Brown. Paul DePodesta going Moneyball. Hue Jackson’s involved. Maybe, maybe, this is the year. Maybe this is where the Browns finally do get nice. Maybe.

Just remember…

The Browns went ALL IN on the NFL draft.

And the Browns are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at the NFL draft.

Here’s a phrase that should give Browns fans nightmares: CLEVELAND, YOU’RE ON THE CLOCK.

So instead of hoping that this draft is going to be different, let’s just recalibrate expectations. Try to NOT have the WORST DRAFT IN LEAGUE history and it can only be a pleasant surprise.

Just look at the mangled drafts of seasons past and wonder if this year really will be different?

Justin Gilbert instead of Odell Beckham or Aaron Donald. Johnny Manziel instead of Derek Carr. Barkevious Mingo. Trent Richardson running with the Bama SCOUT TEAM RIGHT NOW. Take this thing back to Tim Couch in 1999, when the Browns came back to Cleveland. Courtney Brown, William Green. Private Winslow… Brandon Weeden.

So Browns fans. Let’s be real. Set the bar appropriately. ON THE GROUND. Because that way, you won’t be disappointed. That way — when the Browns spin off a treasure chest for the right to reach for a first-round quarterback, or do anything but take Myles Garrett at the top of round 1, you’ll be prepared.

Now all you can do is hold your breath and wait and see if anything really has changed. Or if the Browns are the same as they ever were.


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