Ben Golliver

Info & Stats: NBA Writer

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Giannis Antetokounmpo’s off-season | Antetokounmpo’s upside | Los Angeles Clippers | Blake Griffin’s future | Thinks Griffin should really look at this options this summer | Larry Bird stepping down as team Pacers president | San Antonio vs. Houston

Apr 28th 2017

Ben on Blake Griffin’s free agency: “Hope he takes a long look at it.”


Jan 4th 2017

All Topics: Young scorers in the NBA | Scoring in the NBA | James Harden’s stat line vs. the Knicks | MVP race | James Harden picking himself as MVP | Golden State Warriors over the past three seasons | Golden State’s greatness | Cleveland Cavs | Really interesting trade deadline | Kyrie Irving’s season | Christmas Day game between Golden State and Cleveland

Ben on Golden State: “Scary good.”




June 14th 2016

All Topics: NBA Finals, Game 5 | LeBron and Kyrie’s performance in Game 5 being legendary | No Draymond Green in Game 5 | LeBron’s jumper falling | Steph Curry | Draymond should blame himself | Green needing to step up in Game 6 | Golden State being the better team |

Ben on Steph Curry’s NBA Finals performance heading into Game 6: “It’s really time for him to step up.”



May 17th 2016

All Topics: Western Conference Finals | Golden State losing to OKC in Game 1 | Golden State needing to get back to their game | Golden State being out of sync | Westbrook and Durant being off in Game 1 and still winning | Late game non Westbrook traveling | Officiating misses in critical spots of the playoffs | Eastern Conference Finals

Ben on the NBA refs’ late game mishaps in these playoffs: “It’s really ridiculous.”



Apr 18th 2016

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Several series are over after just one game | Top heavy Western Conference | Golden State | Steph Curry’s ankle | Golden State didn’t kill themselves trying to get to 73 wins | Houston Rockets | James Harden and Dwight Howard’s problems | Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trailblazers | Golden State vs. San Antonio | Thinks the Cavs should be nervous |

Ben on the Cleveland Cavs: “This could be the first time in a while LeBron’s not in the Finals.”



Jun 9th 2015

All Topics: NBA Finals | Cleveland’s performance in Game 2 | Cleveland’s team defense | Cleveland’s in season trading | Steph Curry’s struggles | Cleveland’s approach on guarding Curry | Tonight’s game is the biggest in Steph Curry’s career | Golden State’s defense on LeBron | Game 3 tonight |

Ben on LeBron’s 2015 NBA Finals: “We’re in the middle of watching history.”



May 5th 2015

All Topics: Cavs practice today | Bulls beating Cleveland in Game 1 | Expects James to be more aggressive | Pau Gasol’s play in Game 1 | Thinks Cleveland should continue to go small | Los Angeles Clippers vs. Houston, Game 1 | Clippers – Spurs series | Chris Paul’s career |

Ben on how Houston showed up in Game 1 vs. Clippers: “No explanation.”



Apr 3rd 2015

All Topics: Golden State Warriors winning their 11th straight game | Golden State’s historic numbers | Golden State under pressure | MVP race | Still has Curry as his MVP | New York Knicks season | Chris Kaman and Chris Paul’s incident | Portland won’t back down | Charles Oakley’s tweet about the Clippers needing real men |

Ben on the Golden State Warriors: “I still feel like they’re underrated.”



May 20th 2014

All Topics: NBA Western Conference Finals | OKC without Serge Ibaka | OKC’s inability to protect the rim without Ibaka | Scott Brooks needing to make adjustments | Spurs horsepower | Kawhi Leonard’s playoffs | Leonard giving the Spurs offense is huge | Pacers vs. Heat, Game 2 | Evan Turner’s play | The Pacers are better without Turner | Roy Hibbert | NBA Draft Lottery tonight | He’d take Andrew Wiggins first overall | Kevin Love wanting out of Minnesota | Minnesota’s options with Love | Phil Jackson not getting Steve Kerr was pretty funny

Ben on who he thinks should be the first overall pick in this year’s draft: “Andrew Wiggins.”



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