Is there anyone, anywhere, who didn’t have the same exact response when they saw what the Chicago Bears did last night. Response being, “What the hell”?!?

I saw how Bears fan reacted when he saw what they did. He let out a gutteral noaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

But that’s a real thing. That really happened. I mean, I saw it as it was happening and even now I can’t believe they did what they did. Or how badly Niners GM John Lynch worked them. They trade three extra picks to move up just one spot. One spot. And for what? The right to draft Mitch Trubisky, a guy who as recently as a year ago, hadn’t even started a game in college.

A guy who couldn’t beat out Marquise Williams at North Carolina; the same Marquise Williams who isn’t even in the NFL right now. And they did all that after signing Mike Glennon to a pretty big free agent q.b. just weeks prior.

Oh, and speaking of Glennon, let me go ahead and cut you clones off before you even think about getting started. The Bears did not, I repeat, did not, get a look at Mike Glennon’s physique in person and think to themselves, we better make a move. I guarantee that had nothing to do with this trade; so save your lame tweets and emails about a particular family, that shall remain nameless, because it doesn’t’ exist. Save your lame content about the aforementioned family being pissed because one of their own was disrespected. That family doesn’t exist, and I’m not going there.

But I’ll go here: what the hell are the Bears thinking?!. Did they just turn the draft over to the worst fantasy player they could find. How the hell do you give up all that to move up just one slot, to take a flier on a guy who has made all of 13 career starts. And couldn’t beat out Marquise Williams.

Again, they didn’t just burn the second pick overall on a guy who’s a huge question mark. They gave up a lot to take that risk. Clearly, they think this guy is the second coming. And that there were others who thought so too.

They better be right because that’s the kind of move that wrecks career if they’re not… Time will tell. But I personally don’t need to wait to tell you personally, I hate that move right now. And that John Lynch just turned the Bears inside out.


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