I’ve known John Lynch a long time. Know him to be a very bright, motivated and a competitive guy. A Stanford man through and through. And a guy with a really high football IQ.

So, while many were shocked when Jed York hired him to be his GM, without any experience, I wasn’t. A gamble to be sure, but I thought it was a great gamble, and a brilliant hire, and there was no doubt in mind that he quickly get up to speed and big successful in his new gig.

Again, I based that on how sharp Lynch is, his high football I.Q. and the fact that knew he’d attack this challenge with everything he had. All of that said, I didn’t necessarily expect him to show up for his first draft and go all Bill Belichick or Jimmy Johnson with it.

I wouldn’t expect anyone as a first year GM, with no experience, to just step right in and have the day he had yesterday. He absolutely crushed it. He turned the Bears inside out.  And ends up getting the guy he wanted all along in Solomon Thomas, while adding additional picks and then ripping Reuben Foster later in the round.

Again, with arguably the worst defense in the league last year, just added possibly the two best defensive players in the draft. And picked up some additional picks in the process.

Lynch had himself a day. The Niners have themselves a GM. And they were far and away the big winners last night.



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