Say this for the Browns — They’re learning. And given the amount of picks they have, and how horrible they are at the draft, there was a real possibility that the Browns could come out of this with this worst draft in league history. But it didn’t happen.


Not only did they not reach for another slug under center who would set them back another ten years and be added to that long list of hacks they’ve brought in to sling it over the years, they eliminated all temptation to do so, by trading out of the 12th spot and stocking piling even more picks by doing so.

Sure, it would seem like an absolute no brainer, that given there were no locks in this qb class, that you just go with the consensus best overall player, Myles Garrett, with the first pick. But we are talking about the Browns; a franchise, that rarely ever gets it right. But they did last night.  Not only in taking Garrett, but also in plugging holes at safety with Jabrill Peppers and tight end with Miami’s David Njoku. Three good football payers for three gaping holes on that dumpster fire they call a roster.

And while it’s no lock than Peppers or Njoku will step in and succeed, at least this time, the owner didn’t come in and force a Q.B., who his football guys didn’t want, down their throat. He let his football people make football decisions.

And, Sashi Brown was going to make damn sure, the franchise did make another soul crushing decision at QB: “Why no quarterback? We don’t want to force certain positions, we’ll continue to look. We wanted to make sure we got players that we felt good about. We have a lot of holes to fill on this roster, but to make sure that when we get the QB it’s someone that we all believe in that we can get behind and move forward.” 

Cleveland – This is progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The Browns still aren’t built seven decades later. But last night had the potential to set them back another decade. The fact that they took Garrett first overall ensured that that wouldn’t happen. And so did the decision not to do something really foolish like trading up to get Mitch Trubisky.

And the Browns avoided disaster — all a Cleveland fan could ask for.


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