Well well well — didn’t take long to see these emails fly into the inbox.

* Nice Caps pick, ROME.

* Way to defend the home ice, CAPS.

* Another Second Round Runner-up Trophy for Washington coming up.

* C-A-P-S? More like: C-R-A-P, CRAPS CRAPS CRAPS.

Let me lay this down for you, AGAIN. We’ve got this. And let me remind you of this FACT: A 2-0 lead is the worst lead in hockey. That’s just hockey knowledge. Everybody knows that.

And again, I shouldn’t need to remind you guys: This isn’t just ANY OTHER CAPS TEAM. This one is different. This one has the ability to bounce back from adversity. Did you hear me panic when Toronto pushed them to the limit? Did you see me sweat when they survived overtime after overtime and got through round one?

Am I worried that Marc-Andre Fleury is playing like a brick wall? Of course not. Or that Barry Trotz hit eject on Braden Holtby Saturday and watched the team collapse? Or that the Pens only lost SIX GAMES at home all regular season and now have two straight in Pittsburgh? Most teams would be demoralized after absolutely dominating the first 20 minutes of a game and then getting run off the rink. Not this crew.

Barry Trotz has got this. Alex Ovechkin, the guy with the C on his chest, is ready to rebound. The Caps D can’t play worse. And home ice in hockey is the most overrated stat in the game — especially when the Caps get that first one by Fleury.

What me, worry? Not with this gift. And not with the CAPS battle-tested and ready to prove that they’re NOT the paper tigers they’ve been these past few years.

CAPS IN SEVEN. Believe don’t quit. C-A-P-S, CAPS CAPS CAPS. I’ve never been wrong about the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I don’t plan on starting right now. And in for some reason, I am, I’ll own it completely. Just know, I won’t have to because I won’t be wrong. You know it. And I know it.


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