Not very often that you see a team go into San Antonio’s building and a lay a beatdown like that on them. In the words, of the late Pat Tillman, that was a nice, swift, ass-kicking.

The Rockets were actually up 39 at one point. 39?! But that’ll happen when you can’t make a shot and the other guy can’t miss. That’ll happen, if you’re the Spurs and you let the Rockets dictate tempo, impose their will and get up and down the way they did.  Teams that can run, can really punish the Spurs.

And that’s exactly what happened last night. The Spurs handled Memphis because they like to slow it down and grind it out. Houston does just the opposite. And if the Rockets continue to shoot it like that and the Spurs allow them to get out and run like that, this could be a short series. The Spurs allowed them to get way too comfortable.

In fact, I don’t ever remember seeing another team as comfortable as Houston was in the Spurs’ house.

And you know Houston can shoot it and fill it, but you don’t expect them to dee up the way they did. Nor do you expect their bigs to abuse San Antonio’s the way they did. The Rockets completely erased LaMarcus Aldridge as Ryan Anderson and Clint Capela outplayed Aldridge and David Lee. That can’t happen. That was supposed to be a big edge for the Spurs. And not only did the Rockets lock up Aldridge but they did a good job of Kawhi Leonard, who finished with 21, but needed 14 shots to get it. That’s Gregg Popovich’s worst loss in a series opener since he got there, but he says he’s not worried that the same thing can happen in Game 2. Believe me, it will, if they let them get out in transition the way they did and they don’t get more from their bigs. Then they’re down 2-0, headed back to Houston and this series  is already over.

Spurs fan, I wouldn’t hit the panic button yet, but I’d very concerned if I were you.


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