A few days later, that Bears deal and Ryan Pace situation make even less sense now than when it all went down.

And everyone else around the league is still laughing and trying to figure out exactly and what the hell they were doing, giving up what they gave up to move up one spot, to take a guy, Mitch Trubisky, that they almost assuredly could have selected if they had just stayed where they were.

They gave up two thirds and a fourth, and were turned inside out by rookie GM John Lynch of the Niners, when they could have stayed right where they were.

And while the rest of the league is laughing, not everyone thinks it’s that funny. Not Bears fan. Nor Bears coach John Fox, who apparently wasn’t dialed into the plan. And not the guy Trubisky, is going to compete with, Mike Glennon, who signed as a free agent a little over a month ago.

Yo Mike, — why the long face? Maybe because the Bears reportedly asked Glennon to attend their official draft party, only to watch them sell the farm to get Mitch Trubisky.  And they rolled him into solider field feeling so he could help them hype their draft and experience that humiliation in person. And now he’s bent.

Better yet, he feels like he was quote, “cheated on” and the Chicago Tribune reports the trust between Glennon and the Bears has been damaged.


Quick question, Mike. You do know you’re Mike Glennon, right? And that while they signed you and told you how much you meant to them, they never said you were their idea of a franchise quarterback.

Hell, the deal you signed should tell you that. And most of all, you do know you’re Mike Glennon, right?

Sure, it really bad form to roll you out to their draft party just so you could be there to see them draft the guy that will ultimately take your job. Bad form. But not as bad as doing it and not even telling their own coach they were going to. Never mind you not knowing, John Fox didn’t even know reportedly.

My advice to you, Mikey take a nice long look in that extra-long mirror you installed in your new Chicago home. Do that. And tell me what you see. Mike Freaking Glennon.  That’s who you see.

Stop acting like you’re someone other than that. It’s a bad look. You’re still getting all that guaranteed jack they threw at you; those checks will still clear. And if you can’t handle a challenge from a guy who was 8-5 lifetime in college, you’re not cut out for it anyway.

Trubisky or not, you still have the best opportunity of your career; you still have a chance to prove you’re a starter, either for them or someone else, and if you want that to happen you better stop crying about how they quote cheated on you.

They did what most teams are looking to do: bring in a franchise quarterback: you’re obviously not that. So get your head outta the clouds, Mike. This is the NFL. You’re Mike Glennon. And as long as those checks clear, you’ve got nothing to complain about.


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