Caps 3, Penguins 2.

And that 2-0 lead that I told you was the worst lead in hockey — the Caps just chopped it in half. And what can I say, other than I WAS NEVER WORRIED. Not when Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury continued his witchcraft between the pipes and was standing on his head. Not when the Caps kicked away a two-goal lead in the final two minutes. And especially not when my man Kevin Shattenkirk, finally got right, jumping into the play and banging in the game-winner just 3:13 into overtime. I don’t expected that guy to be the game-winning hero in O.T., but I really didn’t expect him to be a minus 7 going into that game either. They didn’t trade for him at the deadline so that he could be on the ice for nearly every one of the other guy’s goals. So that was just the thing he and they needed to get it going. And another reason why the Caps are dangerous.

That and because this crew is different. And I told you that when the playoffs started. And that was a big reason I was putting my perfect NHL POSTSEASON prediction on the line when I took them. Because they ARE different.

And right when you thought, not me, you thought, they were going to pull one of their biggest chokes ever at the end of regulation, they go into the dress room, get their heads right, come back out and rip the game winner.

The old Caps could never, ever do something like that. But I for one, am not surprised that this crew did. I knew they’d be fine, even after giving up those two goals late. How did I know? I have no idea.. I just knew. I just have this gift.

Again, I never said it would be easy. And maybe they’re making it harder on themselves than it needs to be. But Toronto was no joke, and the Penguins are tough as hell.

And if the Caps really were the Paper Tiger so many of you want them to be, they would have just laid down and look for a place to die after losing two at home and blowing that two goal lead late last night. But they didn’t. And it’s not the first one to two, it’s the first one to 4. And the Caps now have their first one against the Champs.

I have never been wrong with a Stanley Cup pick and I don’t plan on starting right now. And for those you talking all that junk to me about that pick, as always, no harm no foul, apology accepted.



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