We’re running out ways to describe just how unbelievable Isaiah Thomas is playing right now. And what he’s playing through.

And if his coach and teammates can’t find the words to describe what he’s doing, how the hell can any of the rest of us.

Al Horford called it “unbelievable.” Thomas’ coach Brad Stevens has the best seat in the house to see it and even he says he can’t believe it, calling it “unfathomable” and “unreal.”

And they’re not just talking about him going for 29 in the fourth quarter and overtime to finish with 53, giving the Celtics a 2-0 lead over the Wizards. They’re talking about a guy who was all world during the regular season, but has somehow gone to the next level during the playoffs; and doing so after tragically losing his sister.

There really aren’t words to describe what we’re seeing from this guy. I know this, there are no longer questions about this guy’s ability to be a true franchise player. Or whether or not he could do what he did during the regular season in the big arena. Or on the big stage. Because this isn’t just some little guy just doing big things. This is a 5-foot-9 alpha dog, eating up and spitting out the Wiz, somehow compartmentalizing the horrific tragedy he’s still coming to grips with while putting his teammates on his back and going full Mr. Big Shot down the stretch, a guy who nearly outscored the entire Wizards team in the fourth quarter and O.T.

Who else do the Wiz want to put on this guy? Because nobody could check him. Not a big, not a guard. Not ‘Kieff, or Gortat, or any of the other big men who got pretzeled as I.T. just kept attacking the rack and breaking down Washington.

Again, what this guy is doing on the court is amazing. What he’s dealing with off of it is even more mind-blowing. On what would have been his sister’s 23rd birthday. After flying home to Washington to lay her to rest, he comes back to Boston and plays like a man possessed. Oh, and that was after a second round of oral surgery the day of the game.

Plenty of guys in his position don’t play last night. But he not only shows up, but has the best game of his life, and then credits it to his sister, who he says is watching over him.  And that he’s doing all this for her.

I haven’t seen a guy that size, that dominant and control games the way he has since A.I.  and even A.I. had three inches on Thomas.

When was the last time you saw a guy that size, with that kind of heart, and will, who just refuses to let his team lose. Ever?

Leading a team that looked like it was dead in the water after losing the first two games in the opening round against Chicago. I have no idea how this guy’s doing it; I just know the legend of I.T. is growing bigger by the game, and instead of being shocked by an 8, they’re now on a collision course with the Cavs in the conference finals. And seeing how this guy is playing, and what he’s playing through, he’s nearly an impossible dude to bet against, at this point.


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