Hour 1

Isaiah Freakin Thomas | Corey Davis (NFL) Interview |Manny Machado’s Epic Rant


Hour 2

Awkward A-Fraud-Jetes Interview | Bombay Recall | Derek Holland (MLB) Interview


Hour 3

Red Sox Fans Racial Taunts Towards Adam Jones | Camping Question For Jim | Andrelton Simmons (MLB) Interview



Corey Davis

Titans’ Rookie on Marcus Mariota: “Favorite quarterback.”


Derek Holland

Chicago White Sox Pitcher on if he just played baseball as a kid: “I played every sport that I could.”


Andrelton Simmons

Angels’ Shortstop on growing up in Curacao: “Very relaxed on the island.”



5-foot-9 Alpha

We’re running out ways to describe just how unbelievable Isaiah Thomas is playing right now.
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Wake The Hell Up

One day after hearing racial taunts and having a bag of peanuts thrown near him at Fenway Park, Baltimore’s Adam Jones received a standing ovation from some Red Sox fans before his first at-bat.
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Epic Machado Rant

And I completely see where he’s coming from.
Click Here for Entire Take


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