Red Sox fans give Adam Jones a standing ovation, after a number of morons hit him with some racist bombs and one idiot threw a bag of peanuts near him.

That was good to see. But then Chris Sale turns around and immediately throws behind Manny Machado: then Machado gets his revenge by hitting a bomb off Sale in the 7th.

As far as I’m concerned, great moment and an even better response. But nothing compared to this epic rant after the game:


And I completely see where he’s coming from. Why are they still throwing at him? Again, Dustin Pedroia did miss a couple of games when Machado slid into him on April 21. And it wasn’t the cleanest slide. But he obviously wasn’t trying to hurt him. That’s clear when you see him immediately go to catch Pedroia and help him up.

Pedroia himself said he had no problem with the slide. Yet, Pedroia’s teammates took matters into their own hands. Fine. I guess. A couple of days later Eduardo Rodriguez tried to hit Machado three times. Then later in the same game, Matt Barnes threw at Machado’s head. And was suspended for it.

That should have been the end of it right there. That’s how the code works. You get one shot to even the score.

But Boston has now thrown at him 5 times. At this point, exactly why are they still throwing at him? For the slide? For missing him after the slide? For the homerun on Monday? For the Orioles hitting Mookie Betts on Monday? What is it? Do they even know? And keep in mind, all of this was after Dustin Pedroia went out of his way to say it wasn’t his idea to throw at Machado, that he didn’t have a problem with the slide that started the whole thing and that they mishandled the entire thing.

So why are they still throwing at this guy. To paraphrase the legend, Ricky Watters, for who? For what?


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