Calais Campbell

Info & Stats: Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive End

All Topics: Free Agency being stressful | What appealed to him in Jacksonville | Tom Coughlin | Denver’s offer | Seemed like a better opportunity in Jacksonville | Leadership | Larry Fitzgerald | Compliments from his peers | Leonard Fournette | Fournette is a beast | His draft day in 2008 | Community

May 4th 2017

Calais on the team drafting Leonard Fournette: He’s a beast.”



Oct 10th 2016

All Topics: 2016 Season | Attitude heading into San Francisco game was a must win | No Carson Palmer in San Fran game | Thursday games | Play Thursday night | Defensive line play vs. San Fran | Larry Fitzgerald | Miami’s tough loss to Florida State | Hurricane family | Cortez Kennedy

Calais on Larry Fitzgerald: “He’s the face of the Cardinals.”



Jan 4th 2016

All Topics: Finishing the season 13-3 | Seattle loss | Wake-up call vs. Seattle | Having a bye is huge | Getting their bodies right | Hyperbaric chamber | Tyrann Mathieu injury | Going to the Super Bowl as a rookie | Being voted to the Pro Bowl | Larry Fitzgerald’s season | Being at the Conor McGregor – Jose Aldo fight | McGregor’s greatness

Calais on Larry Fitzgerald: “He works harder than everyone else.”



Jan 26th 2015

All Topics: Radio Row | Off-season | Pro Bowler | Getting the Pro Bowl call | Enjoying the Pro Bowl | Joe Staley | Having the Super Bowl in their town | Fun being around the Super Bowl atmosphere | Team injuries | Donating money to the University of Miami | Wanting student athletes to take education seriously | His backup plans was to do TV commercials | Money | Education of money | Larry Fitzgerald’s future with the organization |

Calais on when his Arizona squad was healthy: “We were the best team in the league.”



Nov 3rd 2014

All Topics: 2014 Season | Big win over Dallas | Long season | We believe in our offense | Bruce Arians’ is a coach everyone loves playing for | 7-1 right now | Best record in the NFL | Still can improve | Julius Thomas play | Injuring his knee | Playing hurt | Cut blocks | Becoming a better vocal leader | Secondary | Tyrann Mathieu’s health |

Calais on Bruce Arians:  “I think he’s a coach everyone loves playing for.”



July 18th 2014

All Topics: Enjoying his off-season | Traveling a lot this off-season | Seattle being happy the Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs | Patrick Peterson | Peterson’s talent | Adding Antonio Cromartie | Losing some talent on defense | Richard Sherman vs. Peterson | Tyrann Mathieu’s a stud | Super Bowl being played in their house this season | His only Super Bowl experience | Their offense | Thursday night games | World Cup | His father |

Calais on Tyrann Mathieu: “He’s a stud.”



Jan 30th 2014

All Topics: Radio Row | Living the dream | Good business to be at Radio Row | His Super Bowl experience | The difference between quarterbacks and franchise quarterbacks | Loves Colin Kaepernick | Think they had the best defense in the NFL | Consistency in the NFL being huge | Bruce Arians | Arians as a head coach | Arians understands us | Pro Bowl alternate | Working hard to be the best | Marshawn Lynch | Lynch is a beast | Lynch respects us | Frank Gore | Gore is the hardest running back to prepare for  | The U | Michael Irvin | Happy life

Calais on running on to the field in Super Bowl XLIII:I was about to faint.”





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