Once again, nothing has changed in the East. The Cavs still own the Raptors and LeBron still has no respect for Toronto. Because there’s domination. And then there’s blatant disregard. There’s winning, and then there’s doing whatever the hell you want and humiliating and embarrassing the other guy in the process. And that’s what LeBron is doing here.

39 points in 37 minutes on just 14 shots. More trips to the free throw line than the Raptors combined. Six boards, four dimes, three steals, 2 blocks, and a game after pulling over for a cold one from the beer gal, Bron went County Fair on the Raptors — spinning that Spalding in his hands as he stared into the soul of Serge Ibaka before snatching it out of his chest with a couple daggers from outside the arc.

That’s about as cold-blooded as it gets .That’s NEXT LEVEL disrespect. And there’s not a damn thing the Raptors could and can do about it — something Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan all but admitted postgame.

DeRozan offered a hundred bucks to anyone who can slow James down. Lowry looks and sounds like a guy who knows he’s wasting his time even trying against LeBron.  Looks and sounds like a guy who knows their best will never beat LeBron’s best. Knows that when James is this locked in, there’s not a damn thing any of them can about it.

Because say what you want about this guy: maybe he does get overly baggy with it on social media. Maybe he takes too many games off for rest; has too much power in that organization; maybe he’ll never be the killer and alpha Mike and Kobe were. But he’s the next best thing, and when he throws the switch, there’s nothing anyone in the East can do about it. So let’s go ahead and be real about this: this isn’t about Toronto. Or Washington. Or even Boston. It’s about Golden State.

So, with all due respect to everyone else suiting up these days, this isn’t about you. It’s about the Cavs and Warriors. And barring a catastrophic injury, we may as well just hit fast forward and get to Part III in June. Guaranteed.

Because not only has LeBron not lost anything, six games into their title defense, the Cavs haven’t lost a playoff game. And 14 years into his Hall of Fame career, he’s now doing things in the playoffs he’s never done before. Now if we can just fast forward to the finals and get to the thing that’s inevitable and that everyone wants. Part three of the trilogy.


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