No one knows better than me how powerful the Jungle Karma can be. But even I can’t remember a day like Saturday when it touched down like a category five hurricane and ripped through the eastern part of the states. And if you’re new here, just punch Jungle Karma into urban dictionary and you’ll be up to speed in two succinct sentences.

Let me start in Louisville. Because there’s probably no better example of the Karma then what happened in the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby this weekend. The biggest stage for the sport. The biggest spotlight for the owners, and trainers, and jockeys. And one of those trainers, Todd Pletcher, swung through the jungle on Thursday, and his horse, Always Dreaming, did this on Saturday:


One question for ya’ll: Do you believe now? What more proof could you possibly need? Todd Pletcher shows up and does a great interview on Thursday, and wins the Derby with Always Dreaming on Saturday.

And remember this is a dude who came into the derby 1-45. Now I can argue that it takes a helluva trainer to go 1-45 in the derby. We’ve had considerable success in horse racing, but never once had a horse run in the derby. And to be honest, there’s a really good chance we never will. That’s how hard it is to get to the derby. Tens of thousands of horses are born every year, but only 20 get to run in the derby, and it’s a one off; the race is limited to just three year olds, so you only have one shot with each horse. So whereas Pletcher admitted on the show Thursday that he was frustrated to have only won one derby, I’m here to tell you, going 1-45 in that race puts you in the Hall of Fame. Because it’s that hard to win it.

And I’m here to tell you, it’s much easier to win it when you have that 100 mile an hour gale that is the Jungle Karma at your back, pushing you forward. Let that be a lesson to any trainer who wants to win that race. Make sure the jungle is your last stop before you load into the gate. Ask Todd Pletcher. Or Stephen Panus, the Vice President of the Jockey Club who thumbed out the following tweet:

“Lucky charm? Todd Pletcher goes on (the Jim Rome show) pre-derby and secures his 2nd Kentucky Derby winner in 48 starts.” There’s a name for that, Stephen. It’s called Jungle Karma. And it was only getting started that day.

One state up in Ohio, Reds centerfield Billy Hamilton was raking. He was also on the show last week. Friday to be exact. And just 31 hours after his jungle appearance he absolutely went off:

Three knocks…, two RBI, two runs, and a stolen base in a Reds 14-2 beatdown of the Giants. Incredible. But not at all surprising. Not when you remember dude came in Friday; and had the karma coming out his ears.

But the karma still had one more stop on tour: the District. Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semis. Caps/Pens. And, look, I wasn’t sweating it: I’m never wrong with my NHL picks. And I don’t plan on starting right now. However, down 2-1 going into the third, some of you Caps honks may have been on edge. Some of you who took my prediction to Vegas might have been gripping. Especially in an elimination game. But it was in that very moment the karma kicked in and the Caps blitzed the Penguins and turned the 3rd period into a straight wax job.

Gas up the jets. We’re going back to the burgh. The Jungle Karma in full force. Barry Trotz and T.J Oshie cashing in at the right time. And the Caps’ stars finally showing up when they had to. Or should I say, the Jungle Karma showing up when it had to.

What’s up now, haters? What’s up now, doubters? You know what, don’t sweat it. I accept your apology. No harm, no foul, apology accepted, stop beating yourselves up.  It’s not your fault. You just didn’t know. But now you do.

Nothing can stop the karma. Disrespect it and mock it and I can promise you, it will come back to bite you in the ass. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But it will at some point. I guarantee it.


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