Info & Stats: New York Yankees Outfielder

All Topics: Winning in 18 innings in Chicago last night | Getting to the Cincy hotel at 6 am | Aroldis Chapman blowing a rare 3 run lead last night | Adjustment to the American League | Hitting his 300th career home run | This year’s Yankees team reminds him of his Colorado team that made World Series in 2007

May 8th 2017

Matt talks American League adjustment.



All Topics: Getting ready for Spring Training | First Spring Training with the New York Yankees | Entering a new clubhouse | Leadership | Respecting the veterans the Yankees have | Ending of St. Louis tenure | St. Louis front office being very candid with him about his future |  New challenge of being a Yankee | St. Louis meaning so much  to him | How the Yankees will use him | Diving into more advanced metrics

Feb 14th 2017

Matt on his first Spring Training as a New York Yankee: “I’m really excited.”



July 5th 2016

All Topics: 2016 Season so far | Feels like they have a big run ahead of them | Pitching staff capabilities | His Season | His power this year | Healthy now | Having quality at bats | Adam Wainwright | Off-season changes | His playing weight | Losing weight was difficult |

Matt on the 2016 Cardinals: “I think we have a big run ahead of us.”



May 6th 2015

All Topics: His kids | 2015 Season | Rallying a lot lately | Adam Wainwright Achilles injury | The organization has a history of overcoming adversity | Long season | 12 years in | Off-season regiment | Food | Try to be very strict with his diet |

St. Louis outfielder talks about losing Adam Wainwright for the season.



July 22nd 2014

All Topics: Taking 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers after the All Star break | Playing good baseball lately | Clayton Kershaw hitting him | Dodgers taking offense to Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig getting hit | Thinks the NL Central race will come down to the final week of the season | Yadier Molina’s injury | Complacency | Having a young team this season | A lot of guys are self-motivated on this team | His off-season workout |

Matt on the NL Central race: “I would be surprised to see anyone break away from the pack.”



Oct 16th 2013

All Topics: NLCS vs. Dodgers | Home run last night in Game 3 off Ricky Nolasco | Struggling before the homer | 0-13 before the homer | Happy with his swing | Shane Robinson’s home run | Robinson giving the bullpen some breathing room | Every pitch being huge in the NLCS | The teams approach | A Cardinal Way | The history of great Cardinals | Bob Gibson | Gibson is very friendly | Adam Wainwright on Adrian Gonzalez’s Mickey Mouse stuff | The code | Being old school |

Matt on Bob Gibson: “You can tell he was a bad ass in his day.”



Sep 24, 2012:

Matt on St. Louis fans: “People just love the Cardinals.”



Oct 18, 2011:

Matt on playing in the World Series: “As athletes, when you get a chance to compete for championships, that’s why we play the game.”



Apr 14, 2010:

Topics: Tony LaRussa knows a lot of famous people | Enjoys meeting some of Tony’s friends | Bobby Knight is pretty funny | General Knight bullied him into signing with the Cardinals | Would love to see Knight and Scott Boras go at it | Nice to lay down roots in St. Louis | Good place to settle for his kids | Learned a lot about the organization over the last 2 months of last season | Wants the chance to win every season |




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