Good news, bad news for boxing. Bad news, Canelo Alvarez v. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was supposed to be one of the fights of the year. And it was an absolute dog. And if you threw down for it, you got jammed. Unless you hate Chavez Jr. and wanted to see him get embarrassed. Because that’s exactly what happened.

Chavez looked like he wanted to be anywhere except in that ring Saturday night. And even more frustrating when you remember how great his old man was.

Look, I would never expect the kid to do what his old man did: or anywhere near it. Julio Cesar Chavez was one of the greatest fighters I have seen. A brilliant technician, worshipped by his fans, who got their moneys’ worth every single time he stepped between the ropes. A guy who was willing to prepare and pay the prize that all great prize fighters have to pay in order to be great. Jr. has none of that, other than great blood lines.  He was totally outclassed by Canelo, and unfortunately, it was totally expected. What you see is what you get with Jr. virtually every single time he fights. He’ll never be as good as he should be.

It’s almost as if the powers that be knew just how disappointing that was for the sport because no sooner than it ended, they quickly announced the fight everyone has been waiting on: Canelo vs. GGG. Alvarez v. Golovkin: better late than never. And really, almost too late.

But get in for September, and given their styles, I can almost guarantee, that fight will deliver. This is what boxing used to be about. And what makes the UFC so great.  Because Dana White, makes sure that the best fight the best. That’s something that used to happen in boxing with regularity but almost never happens now.

If boxing is to have any chance of being what it once was, and to compete with MMA and the UFC, these are the fights that have to be made. So as bad as Saturday night was for the sport, this is outstanding for it.

The fight that everyone wants while both are still in their prime. And while almost nothing lives up to the hype, this will because styles make fights and these are explosive.  They have always been on a collision course and it looks like it’s finally going to happen. Good. Because without it, there really isn’t a helluva lot to look forward to in boxing.


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